Upcoming Movies (August 22nd & 25th, 2023) (21 Movies)

August 24, 2023 00:22:02
Upcoming Movies (August 22nd & 25th, 2023) (21 Movies)
Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies (August 22nd & 25th, 2023) (21 Movies)

Aug 24 2023 | 00:22:02


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The movies coming out between August 22nd and the 25th

August 22nd


The List,


Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar,

Storage Locker,

Ashkal: The Tunisian Investigation,


The Hill,


The Admirer,

White Bird,

Gran Turismo,



The Dive,

The Retirement Plan,

Bank of Dave,



You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah, 

Vacation Friends 2,

Vacation Friends,

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Well, hello again everybody and welcome back to the movie Deputy podcast and it's me your favorite deputy bringing to you the upcoming movies of this week. The ones that are opening on August 22nd and August 25th. Now I've been brought, it's been brought to my attention. They're going, okay, when you're doing these movies on Thursday, when you're doing these shows on Thursday, the first date you're giving us, the movies have already come out. And yes, they have. That's, I mean, glaringly obvious, but it's the movies that still open this week and who knows, maybe there's some people who haven't heard of them and that's why I'm bringing this to you. That way you can get in on the latest and greatest and maybe find something you really wanna watch. At least that's kind of what I'm hoping for <laugh>. So, but I'm getting ready to jump right in here with the first of 21 movies. Speaker 0 00:00:44 Now there's two that are gonna have little caveats on them, so technically we're really only gonna be talking about 20. 'cause you'll, you'll understand as I get more into this a little bit more in depth. But I, there's a couple of the movies on here that I really had to like search hard to find some information on because even as a movie critic, not, not all of the trailers and the, the movie information is super easy to find, especially if it's from an independent studio. Get Ready. I think we're gonna have a little bit of an adventure today. And though there are some subtitled movies, it's not as bad as it was last week that I can guarantee. We're gonna jump right in here with the first movie. It's actually called Gump, g u m p. So Gump, you can imagine the first thing that popped up when I typed that into my search engine, when I typed in Gump trailer, everything came up for Forest Gump, and that's not the movie I was looking up, so I had to dig a little bit deeper and when I found it, I'm so glad I did. Speaker 0 00:01:38 This entire movie is from a dog's perspective, if you are an animal lover or a dog lover, this is one that you're gonna wanna check out for sure. It's this dog that starts out as a bit of a stray and he gets to adopted. And so he ended up with a couple different families before things are all said and done. And don't worry, no spoilers there, but the big thing with the dog is though man can break his heart. Man's the only one who can fix it. And by man, it's just meaning people in general. And it's the whole thing of like dog scratchies on the top of the head or the best thing in the world, tummy rubies, and just, this is just pure joy from a dog's perspective. And yeah, there's a little bit of a sadness in there too, but this one looks like it's gonna be so heartwarming and just super sweet. Speaker 0 00:02:25 I am really hoping that I'm gonna be able to find this one on Via Video on Demand, because this is what I'm hoping I can bring to you next week though. Our next movie is maybe not quite so innocent though, maybe not even close, at least put the next couple ones. But the next movie is called The List. I've heard of couples doing this, I cannot even imagine doing this, but it's where you'd write up a celebrity free pass list and it's like basically men write up a bunch of celebrities that they'd want to have sex with, with no strings attached and no retribution from their partner. And women are kind of supposed to do the same thing, but that's kind of where this one gets a little bit sticky is this gal's husband goes out and does this and sleeps with one of his celebrity crushes, is like the whole idea of these lists is that it's never actually gonna happen, right? Speaker 0 00:03:14 Well, this happened and that's what's left her in a tailspin. So she decides to create a list which she had never done before, and she goes out. As you can imagine the direction this movie goes in, it is very adult in a lot of the scenes in a lot of the topics. Definitely not safe for young viewers at all. Again, that one is called The List. Again, it's coming out straight to Video on Demand. Now, I think we're going in a role here of movies in this general vicinity that are, that are, I can't help the order they're in, but the next one is called Ology. Now that you really did hear me write Boot Ology, it's about white rappers who only rap about women's butts. Now <laugh>, they are actually called the Booty Boys and through an unexpected accident, they end up frozen for a couple decades. Speaker 0 00:04:06 And so when they get thawed back out, they're trying to pick up right where they left off. Only the world has changed a lot. Ugh, it's <laugh>. It's about their success or lack thereof and their friends just kind of how it all comes together. It looks goofy, it looks downright stupid, but I think that's the point. I'm sure it will have an audience. I just can't imagine what that audience is off the top of my head. Now, our next movie is an animated movie, but it's not your typical cartoon. It's called Metalocalypse. And I'm sure I mispronounced that army of the Doom Star. It's, there's this star that's coming closer and closer to the planet. They're seeking the song of salvation because it's the only way to stop the thing. Everybody's afraid, nobody knows it's gonna be happening. All the good in the world is gonna be gone and evil's gonna take over just very doom and gloom. Speaker 0 00:04:58 I guess it kind of fits with the whole Metalocalypse cartoon. Everything that goes, or animated series I guess is how they prefer to be called. But it's like if it's animated, it's a cartoon. So at least to me, <laugh>. Now, this next one is, it might be a little triggering for anybody who's afraid of the dark, but other than that, it's not gonna be too over the top scary. It's called Storage Locker. And it is about this guy that goes into this storage locker and he's going down these dark hallways and, okay, dark hallways are always just kind of creepy, especially in a new place. But this kind, a creature sneaks up on 'em and then it, the trailer kind of jumped to grave diggers. So I didn't exactly understand how the two were tied together. It's like, okay, is the monster that's in the storage locker or some a beast that came to life after they dug up the grave? Speaker 0 00:05:45 It doesn't really go into a lot of detail and I couldn't find a lot more detail on that. It looked like a good jump scare movie if you're into those, but it didn't look like there was much to it. So hopefully that helps a little bit. Now we're getting to our first subtitled move, but considering the title it fits that it's subtitled, and I'm gonna completely butcher this, so bear with me. It's called Ash Call, the Tunisian Investigation. Can't believe I got through that without going, but again, I guess it, it's subtitled. It is about a very suspicious suicide. There's something unnatural that's going on, and the answers are a lot darker than you could expect. If you are really into dark thrillers, this one might be one for you. But like I said, it's got the subtitles, so at least be aware of that before you decide to check it out. Speaker 0 00:06:34 Now we're jumping up to the movies that are coming out on the 25th, and I'm gonna jump right in and let you know that Grand Tomo, though we did go ahead and review that it came out on the 11th. It is also being more widely released on the 25th. So if you are curious, you can go check out the review under the movie reviews tab or checkout last week's upcoming movies episode where I was talking a little bit more about Grand Smo. Either way, the review is up in the movie reviews tab. So if you want to check out that on Grand Smo, it is definitely an exciting ride. Now, there's a movie coming out on the T, there's multiple movies coming out of the 25th that look absolutely amazing, and I actually don't say that very often because I'm, we're lucky to get maybe one, maybe two movies a week that are watchable <laugh> and we get even fewer than that, that are absolutely exceptional. Speaker 0 00:07:25 Uh, now I'm going a long way out of the way to guesstimate on these purely based on the trailers, but I don't think they're gonna disappoint at all. The first one is called The Hill. It is about a crippled child with a dream, a child that was told he would never walk and he ran basically the entire world feels like it's against him because he, his, his one dream is to play baseball. Only the his body isn't going to let him do what his dream is. And so he has to just overcome so many challenges to make this dream come true. It is based on an incredible true story and it just, there, there is so much emotion in the trailer and just so it's like you're rooting for this kid and you don't even know him. Feels like you get to know him and this family in this movie and it's just wow, <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:08:13 So it again, it's called The Hill. That one will be coming out this weekend. Another one that looks absolutely exceptional is called Golda. In 1973, she had the, the task upon her to stand with Israel. She was Israel's prime minister back in the day. There were so many forces around her that were literally trying to wipe Israel off the map. She was determined to stand in her resolve as a child. She had grown up just literally seeing people and experiencing herself being just literally beaten just because she was Jewish when she'd grown up in Ukraine. But she was no longer that scared little girl and she refused to retreat just because of who she was and who her people were. And this is just for many that don't know the story of Golden Muir Muir. I'm gonna totally mispronounce her mis last name, but this is actually a di <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:09:10 This is actually a true story. If you've ever did with Israel, this is one that you're going to want to check out for sure. Is it completely historically accurate? Well, it's Hollywood, so expect some stuff that's, I mean, exaggerated or dramatized, but the story itself can really stand up because of the strength of the story outweighs anything that Hollywood might exaggerate. So like I said, if you've ever stood with Israel, this is one that you're going to want to check out for sure. Our next movie is called The Admirer. If you've ever had a stalker or anybody who just wouldn't leave you alone or somebody that just kind of creeped you out, this is a movie that you might relate with, but at the same time, it may be a bit much if you've experienced that for yourself. Basically, this young lady experiences a loss of love because her stalker kills her lover. Speaker 0 00:10:01 Ultimately, this stalker of hers tries to act like he's a secret admirer and then she realizes who he is. And I guess he's some tech person with all of the smart tech and smart every thought devices and everything that we have in our homes, and he uses that against her. And it's just kind of a creepy thriller obsession love. I mean, we've seen these stories before, so it's not an original idea, but so like I said, if you're in a situation like that or you've known a situation like that, this might be a little bit too intense. But if not, if you're just looking for like a drama romance, that's not really a romance type story, this one might be for you. But like I said, it'll be a limited audience. Now our next movie is called White Bird, and this one just, I saw the trailer, it literally took my breath away. Speaker 0 00:10:48 And you might be wondering, it's like, okay, what can really shock you as a critic? Stories like this can shock me. This grandmother is trying to connect with her grandson. He was recently expelled from school for being cruel. It's this whole story is about how much courage it takes to be kind. And the grandmother is sharing this story with her grandson because in the midst of everything when the World War II and everything was going on with the Jewish community, the way that the Nazis were so cruel and how, how awful things were that it didn't cost anything and it didn't take anything to be kind. And that's really what she's trying to instill in her grandson in this story. It's a story that she has a really hard time sharing and that she hasn't shared for many years, but because of the what's going on with her grandson, she feels it's important enough to share that with him. And this, this is basically that story. Is this based on a true story? I don't know. Is it inspired by a true story even if it's not specific? It could be. I mean, because these horrid things happening and honestly, so many people today are, they're horrid to one another. Bullying Speaker 1 00:11:52 Is a real issue. It it has been for many years and it'll continue to be for many years. It's not going anywhere unfortunately, because nobody has the guts or the balls to stand up and say something about it. Nobody wants to hurt anybody's feelings anymore. The the bullying and stuff that's going on and the this grandchild of hers has demonstrated it. Like I love the line that it's like how much that, about where she's showing how much courage it took to be kind. And like I said, this one, it will just, I'm really hoping we get that one around here this weekend 'cause I so wanna see that and review it now our next movie, as wonderful as the last one, was wonderful as White Bird sounds. This one, if you go the complete opposite side of the dial, that's about where we're gonna be with this next one. Speaker 1 00:12:40 And I mean, I did try to keep an open mind when I do watch the movies, but this is one that unless I get a lot of requests for it, I will probably skip. It is called Bottoms. It is about, uh, some gays in high school and they basically kind of form their own fight club. And if you've ever known about Fight Club just by saying or thinking about Fight Club, you've lost Fight Club <laugh>, and it's very crude. There's a lot of language, there's drugs, it's, this is all in a high school environment and I don't know if that makes it more disturbing or just pranks it to a whole other level on the cringe dial. But yeah, this is one that I'm not going to seek out our next story. Again, so many of these ideas that Hollywood has are anything but ideal or original in anyway. Speaker 1 00:13:28 And okay, picture a Liam Neeson movie, what's the first thing you picture? Yeah, exactly. You picture some violent thing where he's taking down the bad guys. Well, in this next, in the movie retribution that's coming out this weekend, it's basically like the movie speed, like with the whole bus and everything, except it's in the family car. He's in the car with his two kids and somebody has wired his car with a bomb. And of course if he stops or if he gets out or like, or if turns the car off, if he gets out of the car, I mean, they're all gonna die. And so he has to somehow save his family, but then, and some other explosions happen and he himself is blamed as the the terrorist. He's the suspect. It, it just, he just kind of all turns it around. And obviously, you know how that one's gonna end. Speaker 1 00:14:14 All Liam Neon movies end in the same way on that, so I won't spoil that. But if you know the, if you know his story, you know how it's gonna play out, but it, it's an adventure. If you've been a fan of that type of movie, you might enjoy it. If not, like I said, it's a story that's been told just in different ways multiple times. Our next one is called The Dive. Yeah, another diving movie. If you, I'm trying to think of the movie. It was like a hundred and something hours where the guy was rock climbing and he got his arm pinned and he ended up amputating his own hand so he could get free. This is a little bit of a different version of that. This is happening with scuba diving. There's a rock slide. One of 'em gets trapped. She only has 20 minutes of air, and so the friend that's with her has to go up to the surface and get help. Speaker 1 00:14:59 Well, they get back to her in time. Of course the trailer doesn't give that away, but I bet you could probably guess considering movies don't like to end in tragedies, so at least not most, most movies don't like Tendon Tragedies. <laugh>, our next story is called The Retirement Plan, and this one, just this one made me laugh when I was watching the trailer. We've got Nick Cage here and he's the grandfather and he's been estranged from his kids, but all of a sudden his granddaughter shows up at her at his door and he's like, what are you doing here? Like, what am I supposed to do with you? Well, her parents are in trouble. Well, his daughter and his son-in-law are in trouble and it's up to him to try to save the day. So he, I am not exactly sure how that's all gonna play out. Speaker 1 00:15:41 Could be interesting, could be better than I'm thinking, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Our next one is actually based on a true story and this one's gonna sound like a parody, but it's surprisingly not. It's called Bank of Dave. Now you did hear that right? Bank of Dave. It's like I said, it's based on a true story, the, that the banking commissions had not approved a new bank in over a hundred years. And here's this guy that's opening a bank with his own money and he's lending it to people and giving them the opportunity to pay it back because he wants to increase people's quality of life. He's seen like how the system is so broken and he wanted to truly make a difference. Like I said, this is really based on a true story and I am actually quite intrigued of the direction that this could go. Speaker 1 00:16:26 It's like, okay, this is either gonna go wholesome or it's gonna go total socialism. There's not much gray area in between on that, so I am hoping towards the wholesome level, but of course you never know until you see it. Now the next one is called Fremont. This one, it's a movie that isn't English, but it also has subtitles. She, this is a young lady from Afghanistan and she's really struggling to fit in it. It was kind of hard to understand with, with English and with the subtitles. She just looked like this really awkward girl who, no social skills, no really skills of communication or anything like that may possibly on the spectrum. That's definitely a possibility. But just the difficulties with where she came from and where she is now. I don't know, I'm hoping there might be more to it, but off of the trailers that I watched for it, that's about all I could basically figure out. Speaker 1 00:17:19 Now, this next one, <laugh> goes in a really unusual direction. I'm no, I know, I'm gonna miss completely mispronounce this. It's pla Fluffy, it's P L A F F E. The movie is entirely in subtitles. It is about a sound artist that creates the sound for movies. And if you didn't realize already that most movies, the sounds that you hear are not the actual sounds that are happening. Like if you hear horses like walking down a sidewalk there, it's like some coconut shells on like a chalkboard like clip clapp, clip clapp, clip clapp type things. And so it's, they're all manufactured sounds. So that's basically what this lady does for a living is she's a sound artist. It <laugh> very quickly devolves into a very sexual movie that is connected with horses. And so I'm not, uh, quite sure if it's going in the whole furry direction or if she's into, um, I'm, I, I don't even wanna say the word. Speaker 1 00:18:21 I'll just let you like I'm use your imagination on that one. Very B D S M, very adult, very uh, <laugh>. I am struggling to find words to describe it that would not get my show pulled. So <laugh>, that is, it's, that is an inter, it's, let's just say it's an art film and I think it's gonna be very limited because it's just an art film at that. So <laugh>, I'm excited to tell you about the next one. Uh, this next one's a lot more wholesome. It's the title of the movie is You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah. This one is a Netflix movie, so it's gonna be available on Netflix on Friday. Adam Sandlers, the dad, his young daughter is getting ready for her bat mitzvah and basically a bat mitzvah is when a Jewish child grow is basically seen as an adult in the community. Speaker 1 00:19:11 And so basically the party kind of defines the rest of that person's like adolescence at least and it helps shape even further beyond that. But the things that she watched for this party aren't necessarily coming into play the way she was hoping they would. And then somebody close to her betrays her in a very personal way and it's just, I don't know it, a lot of teen angst, you've heard me use that term before, but this one actually looks like it's got a wholesome message at the end of it. It's completely chaotic at times, but like I said, you're following a teenage girl entering her adult year or her adolescent years <laugh> and it's just her interaction with her family and her interaction with her friends. I dunno, it looks like it's gonna be really wholesome and cute. I'm really hoping Netflix doesn't flub that up. Speaker 1 00:19:59 Now our last one that's coming out on the 25th is not gonna be the last movie we're talking about today. The movie is called Vacation Friends Two. Well I've never heard of there being a Vacation Friends One. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of mix things up a little bit. Vacation Friends Two actually comes out this weekend, but I looked up the review for vacation or the least the trailer for Vacation. Friends one, two or two looked up the trailer for Vacation Friend, the first vacation friends also, so not two as in the number two, but two, there's yeah, grammar stuff that gets so confusing. But I'm gonna tell you about the movie that came out in 2021 just real fast. Uh, these two different couples were on vacation, they meet, they become friends. It's during the one couple's wedding. There's a lot of drugs, there's a lot of drinking, a lot of uh, adult themed entertainment things going on, just complete chaos. Speaker 1 00:20:52 So that's basically the first movie. So Vacation Friends two, the ones coming, the one that's coming out this weekend is these friends are getting back together, they haven't seen each other in a while. Ultimately the one friend needs one set of friends needs the other set of friends to really help them with the whole business thing that's going on. It's just complete chaos. And this one looks to me maybe a little bit more humorous in the first it's still they're gonna deal very heavy with drinking and sex and drugs and all of that stuff. The trailer did kind of get a little bit more lighthearted towards one point because it was basically up all else fails go surfing. So <laugh>, that was kind of a lighthearted little take at the end of that. I don't know if it's gonna make up for the rest of the content, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. But that wraps up another whole weekend of movies that are coming out. I hope I have piqued your interest on a few of these and I helped to inform you on maybe a couple other ones that you are maybe considering. So I am having a lot of fun with this. I hope you are too. So stay tuned. Also be sure to like, subscribe and share to never miss a moment of movie deputy content. Bye.

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