Upcoming Movies - February 10th, 2022 (1 day late)

Episode 17 February 12, 2022 00:25:07
Upcoming Movies - February 10th, 2022 (1 day late)
Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies - February 10th, 2022 (1 day late)

Feb 12 2022 | 00:25:07


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My sincerest apologies as this is coming through a day late, I hope you enjoy it. 


Shut In

Kimi (HBO Max)


Death On The Nile

Marry Me

The Sky Is Everywhere (Apple TV)


Cosmic Dawn

Those Who Walk Away

Here Before

The Pact

Catch The Fair One

What About Love

Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends


Tall Girl 2 (N)

I Want You Back (N)

The In Between (P+) 


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Speaker 1 00:00:07 Hello everybody. And welcome back. My first thing that I wanted to talk about before I get into anything with our upcoming movies as this is our Thursday upcoming movies episode. And you're probably saying to yourself, wait a minute. It's not Thursday. Today is Friday. And that is what I'm wanting to talk to you about. I want to sincerely apologize as the deputy of movie, deputy.com. I do have a team that works as me, but I am in charge of doing basically all the main stuff. The actual movie reviews did the podcasts kind of everything else in between. And thankfully I did not get migraines very often, but yesterday I would lay it out in bed, nauseous, everything it hurt to open my eyes hurt to look at anything. And even just talking was just the sound resonating back in my own head was just more than I could do. Speaker 1 00:00:58 So unfortunately I was unable to do my reviews are not the radios, the upcoming movies. My episode yesterday is what I've tried to say. And today, as you can tell, I'm doing a lot better because I can actually stand to hear myself talk. I'm still a little nauseous which usually lasts for about a day or so after one of my bad migraines. And like I said, thankfully, I do not get them often, but I wanted to come here. And like I said, first and foremost, apologize to all of my listeners. And like I said, for those that might be brand new to my show. Again, I sincerely apologize. And for those who are returning that same apology, various sincerely, I, this is the first episode I've ever been this late on. And I can guarantee that this is not going to be a habit. There will be rare instances where medical issues or something come up like that, that something happened. Speaker 1 00:01:46 But I promise I will still bring you the episode that I promised, which I'm getting ready to do. And today we're actually going to be talking about 20 movies that are opening this weekend. They opened on the 10th, the 11th and the 12th of this month. And like I said, there's going to be 20. Now that we're going to be talking about, and I've had a chance to go through these, watch the trailers, kind of check them out a little bit. I'm hoping that I was able to interpret the trailers properly enough so that I didn't bring you that necessary information. So let's jump right in with the first movie that opened up on the 10th, which is called shapeless from the trailers. This one said appeared to be kind of about a bar singer or a nightclub singer that she has. She deals with a lot of body image problems and how that connects to her whole thing with being the lounge singer. Speaker 1 00:02:35 I wasn't a hundred percent sure, but it was very mysterious kind of the way that the trailer was putting together. A definitely messes with your head a little bit. And it looks to be a totally intense psychological thriller, whether or not that actually is the way it plays out. We'll have to wait and see, but this one, it looked interesting. Now our next movie is called shut-in. It is about a mother, young kids. She's kind of just going through all the motions. They're getting ready to move. She's talking about doing it. They're going to be leaving at night so the kids can sleep through most of the drive and just to make it a lot easier, right? As she's getting ready to leave, and the house is kind of emptied out and they're all getting ready to go intruders, come to the door and end up holding her and her children hostage. Speaker 1 00:03:18 Well, the things that she must do, or that needs to be done, everybody in that area is expecting her to be gone. So nobody's really going to be looking for her there. And it's going to be days before anybody expects her to be at her new address. So there's not anybody not necessarily going to be looking for her there either. It's what she's going to find yourself needing to do in order to survive. And the things that she's going to find herself doing are not only going to be difficult for her, but difficult for her kids as well, and how this all plays out. I'm guessing this has a happy ending as most movies like this, do that. They're going to go through a lot, but they're going to get loose and the bad guys are going to get caught. I hope again, that's pure speculation. Speaker 1 00:03:57 At least that's what I'm hoping it's going to do. Now. The third movie that's opening up on the 10th, that is called Kimmy. It's coming up exclusively on HBO max and the Kenny is spelled a little bit weird. It kind of has to do with, like, if you have an apple, anything in your home, you're used to saying, Hey Siri, which is S I R I, but in this one, it's Kimmy. And it's K I M I, and so basically Kimmy in this movie is what Siri is in real life. It's kind of the whole idea of the whole, I think of what if, how many times in our lives have we asked ourselves? What if, how many times have we questioned the answers that we answered ourselves? And they always say it like you shouldn't worry, unless you ask yourself questions and answer yourself. Speaker 1 00:04:40 But the, what apps are an exception to that rule. But in this one, it's like, what if everything that you did was watched? What if everything that every move, every word you spoke, every, if something new, every single thing that you did of every moment of your life, this woman works as a voice stream interpreter. One of the things that she interprets and Sam kind of sounds like a premeditated murder, that's either going to happen or has just happened. And so she's trying to, trying to figure out how to report it, but along the way, she realizes that not only is she listening and hearing what's going on with this call that she interpreted, but she's realizing that she has been listened to and watched and followed it. I don't know. It kind of looks at, it reminded me of something. When I was watching a cat, I've been trying to rack my brain and think of it. Speaker 1 00:05:32 But I don't remember the movie that it actually reminded me of, like I said, it's not an original idea, but it's an original, or at least it tries to be an original take on that same idea, just because of the whole thing of how reliant we've become on technology in our lives. Now I'm the 11th, which is today, Friday, we actually have some Atlas movies coming out, which is we've. Haven't had a few that we would, they've been Scarcella's fair. Uh, scarcely lately, I cannot talk today. And this one, we have three Ellis movies and all the rest of the movies that we're talking about are B list. No, it's like, even if they're not on a list, I try to let you know that they're opening. If they're coming available that weekend, the first movie that's opening today is called black light. And this one really kind of gets a little dark. Speaker 1 00:06:24 This one does. I think it's got Liam Neeson. Then I didn't put that in my notes. The real question is how can you tell who the good guys are in this story? The U S government is killing innocent people to cover up some other secrets. Is it happening? Or is this just pure speculation? That doesn't really go that far, but it creates that thought of doubt in your mind. And you have to really wonder how far will the government go to cover up their secrets? This kind of shows us how exactly how far they will go and what will happen. The next one is one I've been waiting for. It's a date has been pushed a couple times, but this one looks kind of interesting. But then again, I kind of liked the mystery, especially murder mystery type movies, but it is the movie death on the Nile. Speaker 1 00:07:10 Now, if you've ever played clue or watched the movie clue, or if you've ever seen the movie or read the book or anything of murder on the orient express, it's kind of combining those different stories a little bit, just a little bit, because they're on a riverboat out in the middle of nowhere, kind of along that way, everybody on board, basically as a suspect, and everybody on board had a motive, the question becomes who did it, and how is that going to be found out? Like I said, it plays with the whole idea of clue with murder on the orient, just kind of that whole, the mystery picture, like the whole murder, mystery dinner cruises, like they offer in some areas. And this is kind of along that same line. So if you are a true crime fan, or if you like those murder mystery type events, then this is definitely going to be one that you want to check out. Speaker 1 00:08:05 The third Ellis movie that's opening today is marry me. This is the new one with J-Lo in it. And, uh, Jennifer Lopez for those who are not familiar with that reference, she is a singer in the movie that she did not, she doesn't play herself, but she's playing a very popular singer on a concert tour titled Mary me. And the whole thing is that she has been planning to marry her fiance, onstage, live streaming in front of millions of people, but she finds out just moments before she's supposed to go onstage, that her Beyonce has been cheating on her. And so she's just devastated and trying to figure out how she's going to do this, but as she comes out on stage, she's like, if you want something different in your life, you've got to do something different. And honestly, that really applies to all of us. Speaker 1 00:08:50 It's like, if we really want something to change in our lives, or if we want to do something different, we can't doing the same thing. We've got to change up what we do. And this is along those lines because when she comes out on the stage, she sees Owen Wilson. I don't remember the name of his character, but that's his real name. He's in the audience. He's holding a sign that says marry me because his sister, I think it's, the sister had drug him to the concert to go along with her. And she is, she had to go away for a second. She's like, here, hold this. And so he's holding the sign and JLo's character looks down and goes, yes, I'll marry you. And of course the cameras pan to him and everything because I mean, here's this big a list superstar agreeing to marry a total stranger in the audience that she has never even met when he comes up on stage, they get married. Speaker 1 00:09:36 And the rest of the movie is just kind of about how they're getting to know one another and their lives. And just trying to figure out how it all works together and whether or not they can make it work. Or if there's just too many differences between them, I'm kind of looking forward to that one. It looks honestly like a bit of a tired cliche, a little bit of like the whole unexpected love, but it seems to be maybe a little bit refreshing compared to some of the other stuff we've seen lately. And I'm hoping I'm not going to be too disappointed on that. The next one we're going to be talking about is coming out to exclusively to apple TV. This one is called the sky is everywhere. If you've ever lost somebody close to you, this is a movie that is going to resonate kind of deeply with that. Speaker 1 00:10:25 Because in this story, the, the female character, she loses someone who was truly her, everything in that she lost her words. She lost her voice. She lost just everything that made her, her, because he was what helped make her, her, and that doesn't, uh, just think that doesn't sound as good as out loud as it sounded in my head, but it is what it is. And with this, her grief just becomes overwhelming at times. And through this, she's connected with somebody else who was also grieving someone that was also his, everything, even though they're falling apart together, they're letting each other, they're letting themselves experience this whole thing of grief with one another and while doing so during the process of picking up the pieces, it didn't say this in the trailer, but I totally got this whole vibe from it, but I found myself writing the quote down. Speaker 1 00:11:20 Do you want to live, or do you want to be alive? Now that may be a little bit confusing to someone, but actually just living through life. And then actually being alive are two different things because we can go through our every day to day, just kind of drudgery and live our lives. But there's nothing just anything beyond just meth, but when you're truly alive, you find the joy and the, in the little things and you, and yeah, I mean, we still have bad days and bad things still happen, but it's all about what you want to inspire you to live your life, to the best of your ability. And that's kind of the whole feeling I got from this one. So I don't have apple TV, but I'm going to try to figure out if I can see how I can watch this one. Speaker 1 00:12:09 Our next one is titled playground. This is a subtitle movie. And if you've ever listened to my podcast before, you know, it's not a huge fan of those, but in playground, a young child witnesses, a, an absolute horror or child abuse against another child. And as he tries to cope with it and he tries to talk to people about it, he's basically almost silenced because it's like, we don't want to get involved. Don't want to do this. Don't want to do that. It kind of comes back to the whole, see something, say something, and he's trying to say something and he's not really able to do much with it. And it becomes too much for him to handle how it plays out from there. The trailer didn't leave in lead on to any sort of conclusion to the story. I'm hoping it doesn't leave you on a cliffhanger because these things are just, they're difficult to watch for a normal person and being a critic. Speaker 1 00:13:09 Some of these ones just hit a little too close to home, but I'm interested to see if they went in a healthy direction with this one, or if it's just going to compound on the negativity that is playing in the story itself. Now, our next story is interesting. It's called cosmic Dawn. There are things beyond what we understand in life, and that goes for every single person on the planet. There is, there's so much more beyond what we understand and I don't have all the answers. I don't think anybody does, but it's this story kind of delves into that a little bit. And it leads to secrets, secrets lead to lies, and the lies lead where that's, what this asks us. And that's the questions that it answers as well. Our next title goes beyond even the typical cliche is those who walk away and as the trailer was going on, I just kind of got the whole feel of why watch a horror movie when you can live it. Speaker 1 00:14:17 That's just kinda how this all plays out. The characters end up chasing a darkness. And this darkness is trying to consume them, not an original idea at all. And this one is almost over before it even begins. The ones like this are just so cringe-worthy, I don't know why they keep going after stories like this, just because they're so tired and overdone, it's like, oh, you know, let's make a new horror movie, but let's do the same story that's been done over and over. Yeah. And I'm probably not going to be a whole lot of help on this one, but it's just, I'll probably get around to reviewing it at some point, but it's not going to be on my priority list. This next one has a lot of heart to it, but not maybe in the way you'd expect it's called here before. And it's about a child that has memories of a life that she never lived. Speaker 1 00:15:15 Her parents are trying to figure it out. And the other parents that are involved with this are trying to figure it out. And neither one of them wants to believe that this is actually true, but there's just things happening that they can't deny. Do you believe in past lives or do you believe in reincarnation? Like I was talking earlier about things that we don't understand in life. This is one of those things. Is this based on a true story? I do not know, but it definitely feels like it could be, it looks like the kind of story that will draw you in and keep you keep a hold of you the whole way. Now in the movie, the pact, it is a D basically it starts out as a video call with a mother and her daughter. And this video call ends up being the last time that the mother has ever seen it as kind of goes on. Speaker 1 00:16:05 And the truth is revealed. What really happened, ends up being a lot worse than anything that you could anticipate. This looks like pure nightmare fuel for some people. So if you really liked the movies that totally creep you out and just kind of leave with EEG beats a little bit, this phone would probably be wanting to do that. There's going to be, they're just kind of all over the place today. Catch the fair one is not exactly what you'd expect. It's about women's boxing, but it's not just about women's boxing because her fight is going to go from being in the ring to being one of survival in the end. It's not, it's just in the end. It kind of just comes all back to the whole idea that nobody's looking because nobody cares. And now is that talking about what's going on in the ring or what's going on in real life? Speaker 1 00:16:58 It is a little bit fuzzy in the trailer, but I guess we'll just kind of have to see how this one plays out now. In what about love? It is truly a passionate quest for love. One believes in love and the other one doesn't they kept to kind of go on as a journey together. And they're both can learn something from each other stories like this look like they're predictable enough, happy endings they'll end up falling in love. Is this what I'm going to be as predictable as it seems, I guess we're going to find out together. Now this one was a difficult trailer to find that, and that's putting it nicely. I really had to tended to search deep because there was no just ready information. When I tried looking it up, it brought up a lot of different information, but not the trailer. Speaker 1 00:17:48 And finally, I was able to locate it, but this one plays out kind of weird. It is called conundrum secrets among friends. And this is about a bunch of successful friends. They've been close friends through high school and college, and it's a bunch of these couples that are just together and they're great friends. Well, they embark on a weekend getaway where they're just trying to go to someplace and just kick back, relax, just have peace. Just chill out. Well, they end up finding themselves in something completely opposite of what they're looking for. This little getaway cabin thing. That's supposed to be this retreat and peaceful turns out to be anything, but because I'm not exactly sure how it comes around. If there's really, I'm not sure how it plays out on that, but slowly secrets are revealed one by one. And these secrets are going to take these friendships and relationships to a whole different level and some will survive. Speaker 1 00:18:48 And some won't now, am I talking about the people or the relationships that you'll have to check it out for yourself? And Ronnie, is I, again, this one, I was not even sure what to expect. And it turns out is a jazz club documentary about a place called Ronnie Scott's. If you were anybody who was anybody in the jazz scene, you played at Ronnie Scott's, but that's a lot of people knew the place, but they didn't know who Ronnie was. There was everybody knew, like I said, everybody knew the club, but nobody really knew him. And this is a total tribute to musical history. If you are a jazz fan, this is one that you absolutely will not want to miss. And if you're not a jazz fan, this would definitely be one to skip. Our next one is a sequel. And I have not seen the first one, but it's called tall girl too. Speaker 1 00:19:46 This one is a Netflix movie. And like, I always say, I'm not sure if it's coming out directly to Netflix today, or if it's just going to be one that is made by Netflix, that's going to be just available on other platforms. So I'm not a hundred percent on that one, but in this story, a li a girl, get the lead in a school play. And she is forced to face her fears and insecurities in this position. And along the way, it's a lot of growth and things like that. But I was so distracted by something in this trailer, it was kind of hard to pay attention to the story because in the trailer, these, the actors that are playing these high school kids are late twenties, early thirties. Like, I mean, they didn't even try to cast somebody that even looked younger, but it's clearly adults that are playing these roles when it's not, not even doctor till you make them look younger intentionally. And so, no matter what was going on on the screen, I was so distracted by that. I was even chuckling while watching it. I'm like, oh, my word, you really expect us to believe those. So is it something, is there more to the story than that? Probably, but like I said, I was too distracted by just when it's that bad. It's bad. Speaker 1 00:21:03 Now another Netflix movie is, I want you back. This one is deals. All deals have a lot of breakups paid and typically brings people together. But when it comes to break up, sometimes you just have to fake it long enough until you can just kind of get back to reality. And sometimes you got to do that, even with relationships too. It's just, it's, it's going to be a complicated love story with this one. It always is. Sometimes breakups are for the best. Sometimes they hurt. Sometimes they're messy, but I mean, every time we go through something like that, it helps us at the stepping stone to something else in the future, whether this is going to be go that deep. I'm not sure now our next one is coming out exclusively to paramount plus, which if you're not familiar with that, it's a typical subscription service. Speaker 1 00:21:57 Like a lot of the discovery go and all those other things, but with paramount plus you can get it through Amazon prime or you can just subscribe to it separately, but there's a lot of different stuff to see and do on there. This one is called the in-between and this one looked to be a very beautiful story and I'm kind of hoping it plays out as well as it looks photography in life. And also in the movie is about finding the beauty in every day. And sometimes that's really hard to do and love is finding the joy. But when that is lost, the things that we want thought were beautiful or nothing but pain. And so it's about how to find your way back to the beautiful, instead of trying to find your way back to the joy in the beautiful, instead of the pain. Speaker 1 00:22:46 And this kind of looks like it's the whole journey and just kind of a hole in between really touches on a lot of really deep emotions. And it's going to hit home for a lot of people. I, I do have paramount pluses as one. I am going to try to find the time to review it this weekend. And our last movie, definitely not least is one that actually opens tomorrow the 12th, but it is called. And I'm going to, I'm going to butcher this word just because I've always butchered this word a little bit. It's D and then indemnity, indemnity and Demond Demi in it's I N D E M N I T Y I do have a little bit of a speech impediment. So there are certain words I have a problem with, and this is one of them, but I hope you can understand that enough to get the title. Speaker 1 00:23:34 At least this one is both subtitled and English. So it's both from what I could gather. It's about a coverup, a scapegoat and person that's the skit got fights to prove his innocence before it's too late. It looked like that was pretty much about it. Again, not an original idea, but one that deletes should be interesting. And that my dears is awful. 20 movies that are opening up this weekend or this week, and this weekend, I hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed going through all of these with me. There is quite a different variety depending on what your tastes are and exactly what's going to be coming out in theaters near you. So if you get a chance to check these out, I am looking forward to talking to you about some of these movies on Tuesday with our movie recap show. And again, I am wanting to get to, again, sincerely apologize for being so incredibly late with this episode, but I am so very thankful for all of you, for your patience and consideration and understanding. I, I just can't say it enough. And if you haven't done so already, please like, and subscribe for the latest and greatest movie deputy content. And of course you'll get notifications. As soon as our new episodes go live on our movie, deputy channel, our upcoming movies, which is this episode and our movie recaps, which is every Tuesday. But until next time, I'll talk to you soon.

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