Upcoming Movies (October 2nd - 6th) (34 Movies)

October 05, 2023 00:32:33
Upcoming Movies (October 2nd - 6th) (34 Movies)
Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies (October 2nd - 6th) (34 Movies)

Oct 05 2023 | 00:32:33


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Upcoming movies that are opening on the week of October 2nd through the 6th. 


The Plus One
Mary Had A Little Lamb,
Creepy Crawley,
Unstuffed: A Build-A-Bear Story,

The Boogeyman,
Monster High 2,

Kraken the Hunter,
The Burial,
Shelter In Solitude,
The Exorcist: Believer,
The Marsh King's Daughter,
Killers of the Flower Moon,
Dr. Cheon and the Lost Talisman,
Monsters of California,
Miranda's Victim,
The Royal Hotel,
Cat Person,
When Evil Lurks,
Mercy Road,
Woman in the Maze,
They Shot the Piano Player,
Joan Baez I Am A Noise,
Desperation Road,
State of the Unity,
You're Friend, Memphis,
Totally Killer,
Pet Sematary: Bloodlines,

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:04] Wowza, I am jumping into this both feet forward. I didn't look before I leaped. And I'm going, what in the world did I get myself into? Welcome back. You are here and present, hopefully for another one of our upcoming movies podcasts, where we are going to be talking about all the movies opening up this week. Now, I don't know how close of attention you paid to the title on this one, but we are going to break some records tonight. Is that a good thing or is that a bad thing, or am I going to lose my mind by the end, you may all be wondering or who knows, maybe I've already lost it. But we are talking about the movies today that opened up between October 2 and October 6. Now, you may be wondering why I'm being so cryptic. Well, there are 34 titles opening up this week. Yes, you did hear me, right? 34. My brain saw that and I just was like, oh, my word. [00:01:08] So rather than just doing a lot of small talk stuff like that, I'm going to jump right into this one with the one movie that opens up on October 2, or opened up on October 2 as we're past that. But it's a movie called Appendage. It's a designer, this big fancy designer. And he's hiring these apprentice designers underneath of him. But one of these designers pricks her finger on one of his needles. And this creature starts growing inside of her. [00:01:37] A little bit creepy, a little bit alienish, sleeping Beauty ish vibes, maybe a little bit, because the way she pricked her finger and just kind of the big deal that they kind of made of. It kind of gave me Sleeping Beauty vibes, even though she didn't get sleepy in this one. But it just looked to be kind of a creepy movie. Is that for you? Who knows? Maybe you're going to be into something like that. Now, on the third, we have 12345 of the movies that are opening on the third. The first one looks to be a comedy. It is called the plus one. [00:02:12] This couple is planning this beautiful wedding, and they're extending plus ones to some of their guests. And this particular guest, they extended a plus one to. They're like, okay, your plus one can be anybody but this person. And guess who he brings? That person. It ends up being just absolute chaos. She's trying to kind of it looks to be a bit of a comedy, but it's kind of a dramedy of sorts. [00:02:43] It at least looks entertaining. We'll just kind of have to see and go from there. Our next one is Mary had a little lamb. Now you're going to think how innocent that sounds because we all think of the whole thing. Mary had a little lamb whose Bleeps was white as snow. That whole thing. Don't want to go into too much because I don't know if there's a copyright on that. I don't want to get in trouble, but this movie is not about that. This movie is a true crime podcast and the people that are doing the podcast kind of get sucked into an unconventional fairy tale. This definitely is not the Mary Had a Little Lamb that you heard from your parents. It's very gory. It's very violent. This is a full on horror movie with such an innocent title such as that, I think there's going to be some viewers that are going to get a lot more than they bargain for with the next one, Creepy Crawley. The whole movie is subtitled and the whole thing taking place during a pandemic, during a lockdown, and there's murders that start to happen. And the thing is, is the pandemic affront for this monster or is there something more to this? And what or who is this monster? [00:03:59] It just barely kind of hints on that through the movie. And of course, it answers its own question. But that's only if you can make it through the rest of the movie to get to that point. [00:04:10] Now, we are actually going to have some ones that actually look pretty interesting that are also coming out that day. The first one is called Kindling. It's about a young man that's suffering from a terminal illness. He's been given an expiration date by his doctors and he actually lives to that date and somewhat beyond. And he's determined to celebrate because he thought his life had an expiration date. And he just wants to just enjoy every part of life and he wants to live on maybe not necessarily in the body and everything that he knows, but it's about a rebirth, but not in the typical way that you might expect. It actually looks quite beautiful. So I'm hoping that that one is one that I can find, hopefully. Fingers crossed. And our next one is touching. It's going to touch a lot of different families of a lot of different ages. But I'm sure either you or somebody you love or maybe somebody you know has gone to Build a Bear. And so the movie is unstuffed a Build a Bear story. Build a Bear has been around for 25 years. They've truly went from craft room to conglomerate. It's not just about little kids. I mean, there's adults that love this and there's so many things about making the memories here. And as you know me, it's all about making memories because that's all life is really about. And so this just kind of takes you through that and it just kind of opens your heart and opens your eyes and opens your mind to all these different things that these bears can do and what they can be to people. They're not just stuffed toys. That's exactly what they are. They're stuffed toys. But to the people that hold these close to their hearts and where they have meaning to them, there's so much more on the fifth. We have got just three movies that open up. And just bear with me here. Shada is the first one. It is an entirely movie. In subtitles, a woman and her daughter are trying to escape domestic violence. The husband files some stuff with the court so he can get unsupervised visit with their daughter. And they're just really trying to escape that. They're fighting the system. [00:06:25] Believe it or not, this movie is about hope. It's really kind of hard to gather that as this whole thing is playing out. But she refuses to be afraid and she refuses to let her daughter be afraid because they're going to break away from this and they're going to start their lives anew. This is the story from both perspectives and it's going to be difficult to watch for anybody who's gone through domestic violence and things like that. But even considering its subtitle, it looks pretty interesting. [00:06:55] The boogeyman. There's so many boogeyman movies. It's like, okay, come on, I know we're getting into that time of year, but come on. This one, it's like this little girl's afraid of what goes bump in the night. Her dad checks the closet. Oh, there's no monsters around. And this is actually an adaption of a Stephen King story. [00:07:12] But in this story, the boogeyman, it comes for the kids when you aren't paying attention. And it comes for a lot more than what you realize. It kind of takes boogeyman up. Okay, it's Stephen King, so it takes kind of boogeyman up to the next level. So if you're into that type of movie, you might like it. If not, stay tuned. Like I said, we've got some good ones today. [00:07:34] Monster High Two is the last one that comes out on the fifth. It's a live action movie of basically these kids are the children of our favorite monsters. We've got Dracula and Frankenstein and all that. And these are their kids. And we've seen like cartoon versions of this in the past, but this is more of the live action version. And in this one, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Unfortunately, it does go a little bit woke with trying to be very quote unquote inclusive and the whole thing of you don't know what you don't know. [00:08:06] Like I said, they're kind of taking that to a whole different level. So it's not particularly appropriate for younger viewers. That is unless you're into that stuff. But if your kids have ever been fans of Monster High, and I would advise watching this with them just because of some of the more woke elements and stuff like that, that you should be aware of. [00:08:30] I just wish they wouldn't do that with kids movies. It's just too much. [00:08:35] Now we are up to the 6th, and this is when the rest of our movies come out and you'll recognize some of the titles and many of the titles you won't. A lot of these movies I had never heard of until I was looking them up myself. And I'm just like, I cannot believe that so many of these are opening on this date. It's like, what were these studios thinking? [00:08:55] But the first one on the 6th. And again, I don't put these in any particular order. This is the order that I'm getting them off of Movie Insiders website. And so that's the order that I get them in and that I program them into my phone and that I watch all the trailers and bring the information to you. But the first one is Kraken the Hunter. It is about a movie where a beast within you awakens. There's no mercy, no weakness. And this guy basically does on land what Aquaman does in the water. He's able to control the animals and things like that. It's very violent, very if you're sensitive to violence against animals or things happening to animals, this would not be a good one to watch. If you are into that just type of over the top type story, you might like it. [00:09:48] Now the next one is called The Burial. It's actually inspired by true events. [00:09:55] It's all about justice and secrets. [00:09:59] I was really having a hard time trying to figure out how to describe this one to you without spoilers. This is one I would advise to look up the trailer if this is one that you are interested in checking out. [00:10:14] As I said, if I give even some of the details away in the trailers, they're almost like major spoilers for the movie. So if you like justice type movies where there's a lot of intrigue and secrets kind of stuff going on, especially the ones that are based on true events, that might be one that you're going to want to check out. [00:10:34] Our next one is called Shelter in Solitude. This young lady goes literally from performing in the club to working on a cell block. She goes truly from entertainer to uplifter. Now I know that sounds really weird, but she's working with basically the skids on Death Row and she's just trying to make their last days better. And she runs across somebody who she thinks she can really help. And this is that story of her doing that. And it's amazing watching from where her life went to where it became and how that all just kind of played out. So like I said, the ones like that, surprisingly, it really didn't feel like it went woke. So I was really kind of surprised on that. Of course, I haven't seen it yet, so I can't say that for sure, but at least how it played out in the trailer. [00:11:29] Now our next one that you've probably seen previews for it on TV or if you've been to theaters or anything like that, the Exorcist Believer. This one is a okay. After The Exorcist came out, there was an Exorcist two and there was even a third movie, but those other ones kind of flopped. So this one almost feels like it's a direct sequel to the other one. Only many years later in this one, two young girls go missing and when they come back, there is just something off, there is something wrong and it quickly ties back into the original Exorcist movie. If you were ever a fan of the first one, or if the first one honestly freaked you out, you might like this. Because there are, come on, some people that like being freaked out. [00:12:19] For me personally, the original Exorcist I laughed at. I say if I laugh at any horror movie that kills the score right there. I mean, it doesn't completely eliminate it, but it definitely hurts it because these types of movies are not supposed to be funny. But like I said, if you were ever a fan of the original Exorcist movie or even any of the parodies done since then, you might enjoy it. [00:12:42] The Marsh King's daughter is our next one. In this one, the Marsh King was this kind of corrupt, I don't want to say mafia or mob, but that's not quite exactly right. And he had a young daughter, but he ended up kidnapping this young twelve year old girl and it just okay. It played out like some of the real life abductions that have had rescues to them, like I said, in real life. But his own daughter became estranged from him and he gets locked up in prison, but the daughter tells everybody he's dead. Well, when something happens, I'm not sure if it's an escape or what happens or if he's released. He is trying to reconnect not only with his daughter, but with his granddaughter. And it's just a really deep psychological thriller that looks quite entertaining. [00:13:36] In foe a couple, they're existing together, they're happy together, but they're not really happy together, if that makes any sense. But they decide to meet with someone and this someone is someone that they can share their innermost desires with. Well, this someone takes one of their innermost desires and makes it happen for the other person, which obviously creates some stuff of jealousy and things like that between the two of them. Because here's one of these partners that wants to go off and do this grand adventure and doesn't end up happening to her, ends up happening to this other person that wants nothing to do with that. It's about finding each other and learning what you're willing to give up to keep what you have. [00:14:29] It looks like an interesting romance, but with a bit of a thriller type twist to it. So I guess we're just going to have to wait and find out on that one. That one I'll probably be interested in seeing. [00:14:43] Now our next one is definitely one I'm going to check out. It's called Killers of the Flower Moon. Now I'm sure you've seen the previous for this one as well. And I always like to just really reiterate that I do not read these books. I never read the books on any of these. [00:15:03] All I know about this movie is what I've seen in the trailers. I know nothing about the books. And so that's usually the biggest criticism that stories like this get is, oh, it wasn't enough. Like the book. I'm like, okay, it's a movie. The book was an inspiration for the movie as far as I'm concerned. And I know it's going to upset a lot of people, but I don't expect the books and the movies to be the exact same. Like, okay, I've read Nicholas Sparks books in the past, long before any of them were movies. And so a couple of those ones have turned into movies, and there's differences in that. But you know what? I expect that because when he was writing the books, he had a vision. And then when the person who was putting the screenplay together to make it a movie had an idea of the story but had a different vision for it. And so I can separate the two of those out. And I think when books are adapted into movies, that that is an important thing to at least take into consideration. If you're ever expecting a movie to be identical to a book, you are going to be disappointed every time. But like I said, that's another reason I don't read the books, because I don't want to have that conflict in my mind. But in Killers of the Flower Moon, it's about a bunch of white people taking over Native American land, and everything seems to be going hunky dory, quote unquote, for the white people, that is. But when they're settled and they're like, okay, the Native Americans can have this land over here, then it turns out there's oil on that land and it's an all out war. So how that plays out, it's loosely based on a true story, but I guess we're just going to have to kind of wait and see how the movie is on that one. I got my fingers crossed that it plays out as well as it looks. [00:16:48] Now this next one, I'm going to totally butcher the title. Not intentionally, but it's Eise mayor. It's Eismayer, so I'm not sure how to pronounce that. So forgive me on that. This entire movie is about the Austrian military, not Australia, but Austria. The whole thing is in subtitles in German, and it's about a gay relationship that happens in this really strict military regimen. And the whole thing is LGBTQ, elemental, P friendly, and it will have its audience, but hopefully it'll be a limited audience. [00:17:28] Our next one is this is another one. I'm going to totally butcher the name. I'm not trying to, but it's just some of these names are just difficult. But it's Dr. Chian and the lost talisman. The whole movie, again, is in subtitles. You know what I think of subtitles? That's a whole different subject. But in this one, you've got a fake exorcist that ends up coming across something real. He thinks he's fighting fake. He's basically faking these demons and ends up having to fight real ones. And so that's just kind of along those lines. If you're into stories like that, it might work for you. And if not, you know what to do. And again, if you agree with what I'm saying, great. Keep listening. And if you disagree with me, who knows, maybe keep listening too because maybe you're going to like one of these movies I'm going to talk about. And you know what? If not, that's great too. You know where the off switch is. But I'm hoping you're going to stick around because we still got quite a few more movies to talk about. [00:18:28] In Monsters of California, it's a bunch of hippies and they're doing drugs and they're doing a seance and one of these hippies dads worked for the government. So they find this notebook and they end up kind of going all through this stuff. They find all these government secrets about UFOs and aliens. So these four friends are working together trying to explain all this, and what they find is a lot more than they bargained for. [00:18:54] Now our next one is actually based on a true story. If you've ever heard of the term Miranda rights, if you've ever known anybody who's been arrested or ever watched an episode of Cops, miranda rights are there for a reason. And this story is actually the reason for those. The movie is called Miranda's Victim. It's like I said, based on a true story. It's a woman who experienced a sexual assault and so she pressed charges. Well, because of all of the chaos in this, it ended up going to going through appeals and going all the way up to the US. Supreme Court. And it was literally one decision that changed history. I'm not going to give it away of what happened with the case because that's one of those movies that you're going to want to see. If you are sensitive to sexual abuse, if you are sensitive to sexual assaults, if you are sensitive to any of that type of content, this is not going to be a movie for you. But if you are a fan of real life dramas, things that happened, things that inspired history, you might enjoy it. Just be aware that like I said, it is very sensitive topics. [00:20:04] In the Royal Hotel, a couple girls get together and they decide to take a job out in the middle of nowhere in Australia. And they're like, okay, well, is there at least kangaroos? It's kind of like the joke in one of the trailers and it just made me chuckle a little bit on that. But in this one, they are in complete isolation. They end up finding themselves in a very inappropriate dynamic because of the power dynamics in this almost supernatural hotel in the middle of nowhere. But then with all of the guys and stuff involved and it's just a very okay, forgive the term, it's like I'm not woke at all, which hopefully you know by now, but it almost feels like rape culture, which kind of goes a little bit woke on that. But at the same time it also shows what people can be like when you see the worst of the worst in people. So like I said, that one's probably going to have a little bit of a limited audience just based on some of the topics that it covers. Now this next one, I'll be honest, I was disappointed if you have been listening to me for very long. You know I'm a cat mom. By the way, I've got a surprise coming for Friday's show. But you're tomorrow. Sorry, I'm losing track of my days. Yay, only one more day and then I get to announce another surprise. Yay, can't wait. But yes, I've got Zarina batero maisie Stormy and Daisy So I've got five kitties and they are my babies. [00:21:36] But this movie, like I said, I got my hopes up. The movie is called Cat Person. So I'm thinking, oh, okay, it's a movie about a cat person. No, it's not. Has nothing to do with cats, which is just disappointing just on a whole different level. But in this one, dating is complicated. There's a woman going through a dating app and she sees this guy and he seems relatable because he says he has cats. Well, they kind of get together and it's a hookup. But basically he was lying about cats to try to just entice his profile, to try to entice women in and get him in there for that whole one night stand thing. He becomes just an absolute stalker and obsessed with her. And why in the movie it's called Cat Person. I mean, I can kind of understand because he's pretending to have cats but at the same time at least have cats in there. But they probably wouldn't have treated him well anyways. So I'm kind of glad there's not cats in there, but just based on the title, I was disappointed. [00:22:35] Now our next one is Reunion. It is about a pregnant daughter who comes home to stay with her mom, except her mom is a bit psychotic or borderline personality disorder. She has a lot of visions, there's a lot of turmoil between them and these visions are supposedly about what this baby is going to be like and it just seems to spiral down a really dark path. But I guess we're going to have to wait and see. [00:23:05] When evil Lurks is another subtitled movie. [00:23:10] It's very dark, it's very foreboding. Basically this thing follows you, it finds you, it eats you. [00:23:19] There is some violence with animals in this movie. Again, if you're sensitive. This is one to stay far away from. It felt almost like a modern day version of The Witch, a movie that came out a few years back, just like I said, just dark and just I don't know what they were going for. It just seemed like evil, evil, evil, evil, evil, without really having a story to it. So I don't know. [00:23:46] In Vindicta, this one just seems to maybe be a little bit more interesting. There is a rookie cop and a seasoned detective that are trying to go after a serial killer and how things work out between them. They end up finding out that there's this big vendetta involved. And like I said, the movie is called Vindicta, so it's a little bit different than vendetta. But it's another one of those crime movies that if you like the crime type, okay, if you like CSI things, shows like that, you're probably going to like this movie. [00:24:24] In Mercy Road, this one is just the parents are having a feud. Their daughter goes missing. The wife thinks the husband kidnapped the daughter. Time is counting down. The daughter is missing. What happened to her? Who did it? And that's just kind of how it plays out. Of course, no spoilers ever from me. But how that one plays out is either going to be intriguing or completely isolating. [00:24:55] With Woman in the Maze, this one is a little bit of I don't want to use the term maze runner or the movie maze runner. Is that because this has actually nothing to do with that. And it's not quite like Escape Room either. But this woman is in searching for property, so she decides to book and stay at an Airbnb. But the thing is, this Airbnb that she stays in, it has a lot of history to it and there's a lot of secrets. [00:25:26] The house changes and it does things to try to keep you hostage. And people end up looking for and she's right there and they can't find her. Is it multidimensional? It doesn't really say that for sure, but I definitely got that feel from it. [00:25:44] And they shot The Piano Player is I don't know if it's supposed to be a true story or not. It kind of played out a little bit weird. It is a very type of blocky raw type animation. There's no fluidity to it at all. But it's about an unknown pianist named Tenario Jr. And basically this biographer is looking into his story. And it was a very shining, bright story, but very short. So was he a real person or is just a story? I don't know. I should have looked into that a little bit more, but I just didn't have a chance to. So I apologize. [00:26:25] Our next one, Joan Baez is a known entertainer, a known singer to an entire generation, but to other generations, she is a completely unknown. Are you familiar with the name? Great if you're not, great. This one is called Joan. I can't talk. Joan Baez, I am a noise. Now, you may be thinking, okay, that's a weird title, but this is her biography. [00:26:55] Like I said, if you're a fan of her music, then this is going to be one to check out. And if not, you're probably going to be bored. Just to be honest. Just being honest in desperation. Road law and justice are two different things. You've got two different people running from their pasts and it ends up being this really big thriller. Because even though these two completely different people have completely different pasts, there's something that connects them. And so what happens with that will just have to play out in State of the Unity. Okay, just reading the title, even before I saw the trailers, I'm like going, okay, is this going to be as woke as it sounds? It's like, oh, can't we all just get along? Everybody hold hands, blah, blah, blah. Which is great if you think that way. If you believe that, that's great. I don't happen to be in that mindset, which is perfectly fine. But if you are, that works for you. And this one, a touring band goes through all 50 states and they try to play their music and bring people together. Love, harmony, basically. It's almost like a feeling of like, Woodstock, except they're taking it to the people. It's not where people have to come to them. And so this traveling band plays through all 50 states to try to bring people together and bring it to that sense of unity. It actually looked pretty good and pretty entertaining. Like I said, it kind of goes off that deep end a little bit, but at least looked entertaining. [00:28:27] Your friend, Memphis. Now that's a weird title for a movie. But this isn't just a movie, it's a documentary. This one of all of the movies that we're talking about today that really looks like it has a lot of heart. I have got my fingers crossed so hard for this one. This one is about a guy and a gal. They're not teenagers, but they're young adults would probably be a good way to describe them. But people kept telling them they couldn't, so they did. One of them has a physical disability. One of them has a mental disability. And basically just their one regret was not doing. [00:29:08] If you're ever going to regret something in life, at least take a chance at it. [00:29:14] If you try and fail, at least you tried. But with these guys, it's like they just keep getting knocked down time and time and time and time again because of what they can't do. [00:29:27] And what they try to do with this movie is what they can. [00:29:32] I really hope it's a true story. It's playing out like a true story, so I really hope it is. And it just looks to be a story of redemption. And just has a lot of heart to it. Like I said, fingers crossed. I can't say that for sure as I haven't seen it, but I'm hoping. Now as you probably noticed, we have never had an episode go past the 30 minutes mark and we have actually three more movies to talk about. [00:29:57] I am promising you that I am going through these as quickly as mentally possible. So we are actually going to go over 30 minutes just a little bit on this one. So I apologize. [00:30:08] The next movie is reptile. It's a murder case that nothing is as it seems. Now remember the title here Reptile because in this one the truth is truly stranger than fiction. Now I'm not saying it's truth like it's a true story, but the truth of the movie is okay based on the title, you can guess where it's going, but I won't ruin that for you. [00:30:33] And the next one is called Totally Killer. It's about a 1980 serial killer survivor. She grows up, has a family of her own and her daughter decides to time travel and go back in time and try to team up with her mom and try to stop the serial killer in his tracks. So Totally killer, just time travel, serial killer going back, the whole butterfly effect, just changing something in the past, how it changes the future, it at least looks entertaining. And our last but not least movie that we are talking about today will have a lot of people salivating. If you were ever a fan of Stephen King, if you've ever been a fan of the original Pet Cemetery the remake of course, not so good, but the whole idea of that but Pet Cemetery Bloodlines is the origin story for Pet Sematary. Like I said, if you've ever been a fan of that story, this is going to be one that you are going to want to check out. And yes, believe it or not, 34 movies we made it. [00:31:42] I hope there was at least something in there that caught your attention. If so, great, let me know and if not, remember we are going to be doing a live Q A later this month on YouTube so be sure and get me some more of your questions. They've been pouring in at a pretty good rate and narrowing it down to which questions I want, but keep submitting them because I'm going to try to get through as many of them as I can. And of course please like subscribe and share. If you are enjoying our Movie Deputy Upcoming Movies podcast, be sure to check out our movie review of Saw Three D that went live this morning. And of course, feel free to check out the rest of our Thursday Thursday episodes on that and I will be back tomorrow and Saturday with some of the new release movies for you. So until later, I'll talk to you then. Bye.

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