Upcoming Movies (September 25th - 29th) (21 Movies)

September 28, 2023 00:28:28
Upcoming Movies (September 25th - 29th) (21 Movies)
Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies (September 25th - 29th) (21 Movies)

Sep 28 2023 | 00:28:28


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The Tower
The Job of Songs

Sniper GRIT
The River Runs On

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

The Blind
Love Is In the Air

The Creator
The Kill Room
Saw X
On Fire
57 Seconds
Deliver Us
She Came To Me
Dicks: The Musical
Saturn Bowling
Warrior Strong
Before the Sunset

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[00:00:00] Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of Movie Deputy, upcoming movies where we are going to be talking about 21 movies that are opening up this week. We get a little bit of a mix of documentaries and horror films and comedies and romance and some movies that actually really mean something and the ones that you just wonder how they even got funding to get made. So kind of a little bit of gamut of everything. Of course, as always, there's going to be some with subtitles and you know what I think about subtitles, but it's always an adventure. That it is. It's always an adventure. And this week we are talking about the movies that are opening September 25 through the 29th. Like I said, 21 movies. We're not going to try to cram as many in as we did a couple of weeks ago, but there are a lot that go through here and so bear with me, there's a couple just again, I don't choose the order. I take the order as they are listed on Movie Insider's website and kind of go from there. So forgive me for the order that they are in. I do not predetermine that and I don't rearrange anything to try to maybe change the feel of how the whole list kind of plays out because I want to kind of keep it mixed up where I'm not putting all the good movies together or all the crap movies together. [00:01:33] Okay? That's my opinion. And I'm not asking you to agree with me. If you do agree with me, great. If not, that's great too. It all sparks discussion. That's the whole point of this is helping you figure out which movies you might want to see or might want to check out and also to create discussion not only from me to you, but also from you to me. Because I get a lot of feedback, especially off this program. I probably get the most feedback off of my upcoming movies podcasts, but positive and negative. Some of it's interesting at times and I do read all of them myself. So yeah, sometimes I'm just kind of scratching my head going, okay. [00:02:17] And other times it's like somebody tells me that something I said or something that I brought to them or that I brought a movie to their attention that they never would have even thought to even look at and it was something that ended up changing their life. So that's only happened once with a message like that. But you know what? That still means something. So if any of those happen to do this or if just flat out if I piss you off and you just want to tell me off, guess what? Message me. I'm not going to know unless you tell me. And like I said, I want to open up the line of discussion. Actually in October I was going to try to do at the end of this month, but here we are at the end of the month. But I'm going to be doing a live Q A on our YouTube, so I'm gonna be answering some emails and I'm also going to be taking and participating in a live chat on there. I will be posting more information on that on social media, so stay tuned for that. But let's go ahead and jump right in with the movies that opened on the September, september 25. Now, the first movie that we're talking about is called The Tower. Unfortunately, it is a subtitled movie. [00:03:26] I just can't get away from these. But The Tower, the whole movie is about being afraid of the dark. It's about the whole fear of the dark and how it's literally paralyzing and like death. [00:03:41] It's really creepy. But in this one, there's these people in this high rise building. I think it's apartments. And this dark veil surrounds the entire building. Windows, doors, like, everything in any attempt to escape through this veil ends in death. Like, if you even touch this veil, you die. And so these people inside are being forced to resort to their most primitive instincts to try to survive. If this wasn't subtitled, this one would be so much more interesting. And you know what? If you like subtitled movies and you like that kind of psychological thriller, you might like it. But if you don't like subtitles, it's like, I wish they would both sub and dub stories like this, because if this one was dubbed instead of subbed, I probably would watch it just because I kind of like stories like that. So we'll just kind of see how it goes. The next one that opens on the 25th is completely polar opposite. It's called the Job of Songs. Now, based on that title, it's like, I had no idea what to expect. So I was trying to find all the information on this movie that I could, not just the trailer, but I was really trying to look it up and see what this was really about because I'm like, okay, the Job of Songs, that can go so many different directions. But in this one, it's based in Ireland. It appears to be, like, about this DJ on the radio and everything. It's all about how timeless music is and how much it impacts both personally, professionally, what it takes to bring that music to people, what it takes to create that music. There is so much to music, and thankfully, this isn't our only movie about this type of subject. This week, two completely different studios, two similar storylines. Is it a coincidence? I'm not sure, but they both look very interesting. Again. This one is called The Job of Songs. If you are a lover of music, this one, I think, deserves some attention. It's an indie film, so it's not getting the attention that a lot of the big titles do. But it looks interesting. It does feel like a documentary type style. I don't know if it's meant to just appear that way or if it actually is a documentary, but it looks really interesting. We're up to the 26th. There's two movies again on the 26th that are opening up. If you're a fan of the Kill Bill movies, I think you're going to like this one. It's called Sniper Grit, except it's not the word grit. It's grit and it's an anagram. I don't remember I should have written down what the anagram was, but basically a bunch of snipers are trying to target a cult leader to rescue Lady D. This Lady D is like this important person in some intelligence thing. It very much has a Kill Bill feel to it. If you watch much TV at all, I'm sure you have seen the Allstate commercials of that one guy. He's in this one, and whenever I hear him talk, it's like I can just instantly picture the Allstate commercial, and I have a hard time imagining him in roles such as this. But like I said, it has very much a Kill Bill feel to it, just maybe a little bit cheaper version of it. So if you liked Kill Bill, you will like this. I can't say 100% guarantee it. It just has that whole feel to it. It's not going to be for everybody. It's gratuitous, violence and just over the top and just I think it's supposed to look stupid. [00:07:07] That's just my guess on it, my opinion. But that's a weird one. Now this next one that's on the 26th is called The River Runs On. And I'm like, okay, this actually looks pretty interesting until it got explaining a little bit more. Me personally, I'm going to skip this one with a ten foot pole. But there is an audience for a movie such as this, and I'm going to explain that a little bit more. This whole story is on national forest management now. Okay, I'm going to agree. That's an important topic. There are beautiful national forests all around the country, and it's like, okay, what do we need to do to manage them? It's like when the national forests were founded and everything all many years ago, they didn't realize that we would be at the technological age that we are at today and that so many things would be going on. [00:08:11] Okay, I'm going to put it this way, against national preserves of sorts. But at the same time, the government has so much land, it's like, what's it really going to hurt to go into it a little bit? That's my opinion on that. Just solely my opinion. But this whole documentary is nature versus man. It's very green, it's very woke. It's anti logging, it's anti fossil fuels. It is just like I said, it's going to have its audience. If you are an Earth first person, or if you know somebody who is an Earth first person, they are going to love this. They are probably going to share this far and wide and just get so much out of it. But if you are pretty much anybody else, you'll probably say, oh, that's an important story. Okay, there's pieces of it. If you can dissect it, there are pieces of it that are really important. There are pieces of it that actually mean have a good meaning to them without going over the top. But they have to take it that step too far and that's where they ruin it on the 27th. We've only got one movie that's opening even before I saw the name of the producer on this letter director, whoever he is. But it's a Wes Anderson movie. Basically. The story is called The Wonderful I can't even talk. The Wonderful story of Henry Sugar. And this is a Netflix movie. It's a self narrative. This 41 year old man is basically narrating his day to day life and it's very much a look inside an introspective. It's Benedict Cumberbatch and so it really wants to have promise. I have seen some amazing Wes Anderson movies and I have seen some horrible Wes Anderson movies. His movies have ended up both on my top ten list and my ten worst lists of different years. [00:10:12] So it's really hard to say the direction this one's going to go in. I will say this is a very artsy type story that unless you're into that whole arty just where it's kind of looking into the psyche, just kind of a weird tone to that. If you're into that, you're probably going to love it. If not, I would avoid. Now we've got two movies that are opening up on the 20 Eigth. There is a true story and then there's a romance. And I'm going to jump in with the true story first. If you have ever been a fan of Duck Dynasty, if you have ever been a fan of the Robertson family, then this is a movie that you are going to want to check out. If you are not a fan of either of those, you might not get anything out of this movie, but it still might be one to check out. And you may be wondering, okay, why this is a look into the Robertson family. Long before Duff Dynasty was even a thought or a dream or anything. This looks into the dark truth of that family. It looks into his things with alcohol abuse and his violent behavior. Basically, his wife and children ended up leaving him and he had to decide what was worth fighting for. I mean, obviously we know kind of where it ended up now. Zarina, stop it. Sorry. Getting on another one of my kitty cats here. She's clawing at my office. Got I'm got five kitties and I never know which ones on which evening are going to try to interrupt the program. But it's part of my life and it's obviously part of the show, so I'm not going to bother editing any of that out. And the movie is called The Blind. And obviously, I mean, you've probably put the whole Duck Dynasty thing together in like a hunting blind, things like that. But it doesn't focus on the part that became Duck Dynasty. It focuses on that family. Just you see him just spiraling all the way to rock bottom at the same time. It's such a redeeming story. There is so much to this. There are so many families that go through similar situations and not all of them have a happy ending. I mean, life doesn't guarantee us a happy ending by any means. I mean, let's be honest, we're all going to end up in the same place. Okay, I'm not talking spiritually, but it's like none of us are immortal. Basically. We're all going to die at some point. But it's stories like this that show that there's hope, that shows that it's not just the bad things in life, that there's hope and redemption. So for one, I'm looking really forward to that one. The romance movie that's also opening on the 20 Eigth is called Love is in the Air. This small airline is a subsidiary of this bigger company and the bigger company is like, you know, if we sell this airline, we can get completely out of debt. So they send this inspector guy down to go check out this airline and determine the value and everything of it and he ends up falling in love with the gal that runs the airline. So it ends up being a cheesy love story. [00:13:20] Obviously it will have its audience as well. If you are looking for a cheesy date movie, just like a chick flick thing to enjoy with your friends or to sit down with your girlfriend, watch just for a fun date night, that might be one to check out. Now we are finally up to the 29th. This is when our big movies come out. That's when the big titles are coming out, is Friday. And so of course tomorrow is Friday. But like, sorry, it's too early. I lose track of my days here. But we are going to jump right in and start with a movie called The Creator. I don't know if you've caught any of the trailers for this online or on TV or anything, but it really goes deep into the whole what defines life? Is it mortal or mech? [00:14:10] This really kind of likes it goes deep into that. It's made by the producers who did Rogue One. So it kind of almost feels like a Star Wars story even though it's not a Star Wars story. But you can definitely tell that there's things in the story that were inspired by Star Wars. So if you're a fan of, can I say Star Wars anymore? And it's like one little clip here, no, probably not. But there's definite things that were inspired by that. And in this, it really kind of challenges that whole idea. And it's man versus AI. And we created AI. And it's a vicious cycle. And how this ends is going to it's not going to be what you expect. [00:14:55] So if you have ever been a fan of the Star Wars movies, star Trek movies, any type of science fiction, this is going to be one that you're definitely going to want to check out. [00:15:06] Now, our next one is called the Kill Room. Again, not a huge title, but enough that it's getting some attention. And this has to do a lot about murder and art. [00:15:20] Basically, this mafia type, mob boss kingpin type dude is killing people and he's trying to find a way to launder his money and he decides to do it through a local art gallery. And so they're just kind of creating literally these garbage pieces. I mean, they look kind of like I think one of the quotes in the movie was a spurf exploded on the canvas because it was just blue and red and not really anything. But there's obviously some people who thought it was great art and so they're kind of doing the whole money laundering through these art pieces and the whole murder. [00:15:55] It's hard to tell if there's actually a story to be had there besides kind of what I'm describing, but obviously it's going to have its audience. I mean, what audience that's going to be, I'm not quite sure. [00:16:09] Now, it's kind of fitting that this is the 10th movie that we're talking about today, but the 10th movie that we are delving into has to do with the number ten. It's Saw Ten, also known as Saw X. It's the 10th movie in the series. I cannot believe the series has come on for ten movies and you're like, okay, is it just getting to be a tired old story? It's like, no, because they keep jumping around in the timeline. And if you've also caught my other episode from today, I covered Saw Six on our movie reviews page, and that one takes place after John is gone. But he's touching on the thing shortly after his cancer diagnosis. And Saw X focuses on his treatment for the cancer and how that whole thing kind of went awry and who he felt was responsible for that and how they are going to have a chance to redeem themselves. I mean, like I said, he always gives people choices and it depends on what they do with those choices, what goes from there. If you are a fan of any of the Saw series, this is going to be one to check out. If not, this one really pushes the boundaries on what would make someone squeamish of sorts. So like I said, if you're a fan of the Saw series, saw X is coming out this weekend. [00:17:42] Be sure to check it out. And like I said, if not, that's going to be one to skip. [00:17:48] Our next one is called On Fire. It's small town life. It's a family. She's pregnant. They have another child and he's out there. And they're trying to take the whole just proactive thing of there's a wildfire approaching. So they're trying to fireproof their house with water and trying to cut away all the brush and just trying to do everything. It's based on true events. And the fire ends up getting so close and everything that they have to escape, they have to evacuate. And being that they tried to save their place for so long, evacuation is not going to be as simple as it seems. And it ultimately comes down to survival. Like I said, this is inspired by a true story. But in order to survive, they're going to have to make some really hard choices. It looks like a really touching movie. Is it well done? I personally hope so. [00:18:45] Now, our next one had so much promise. [00:18:50] You may be wondering where I'm going with that. Well, I'm getting there. I'm getting there. But it's called 57 seconds. Now, if you have an Amazon Fire stick and you push the microphone button like I do, and I said 57 seconds, alexa sent a timer for me for 57 seconds. I'm like, no, that's not what I meant to do. [00:19:12] So I had to stop that, back out of that in the 57 Seconds trailers. And then I ended up having to type it in because I'm just like, no, but in this one, it has to do with a ring. And this ring is responsible for time travel, but you can only go back in time. 57 seconds. Well, this young man takes this opportunity to be the best possible version of himself because that's kind of how it's being sold. [00:19:42] But there is a much more complex meaning to this movie. It's very much anti opioids. It's very much focusing on the whole Opioid war. He lost his sister to an Opioid overdose, and so that ends up being the big part of the focus of the movie. [00:20:05] I'm trying to share more of my personal life with you guys. It's just life. But I am a chronic pain patient myself. I have a lot of health issues and okay, yeah, there is a big problem with illegal fentanyl and stuff like that. And this is my opinion, but there is a big problem with some of that stuff. But the war against Opioids is so overblown and so overdone. There are a lot of patients like myself who are very successful. I'm a very functioning member of society to the best of my ability, and I am a chronic pain patient. So I have to take stories like this with a grain of salt. [00:20:45] It definitely ruffles my feathers. I'm not offended by pretty much anything, but stories like this honestly just piss me off, just to be blunt. Now, our next story is called Muzzle and I want to warn people who are sensitive to animal abuse or death of animals or anything having to do with that, because stories like this are very hard. In this one, a cop loses his canine companion that his canine was murdered. And so he is just spiraling. He's lost his partner, and he doesn't know what to do, but he decides to go out and maybe try to find another one. He doesn't look he's not going, like, to the whole thing of training the puppies at the canine program. He goes to the shelter and he finds this other shepherd that has just been used and abused, and she doesn't trust anybody, and he has to kind of really give her another chance. It feels like a cop version of the movie Megan Levy where she kind of went through the same thing with her dog. Overseas, it's a little bit different, but it has a very bunch of the same feeling. And the whole thing is about justice. Like I said, if you're sensitive to stuff with animals, it may be hard to watch, but it has a very powerful story to it. Our next one is called Deliver US. It's kind of fitting with the nun coming out last weekend a little bit. This one's about a nun who gets pregnant from immaculate conception, and she's pregnant with twins, but she knows one of them is good and one is evil. She can just feel it. She senses it. And this is just how that whole thing plays out. It's a very haunted, very dark, very foreboding type story. But I guess, like I said, it fits with the nun two that came out. So it's not that it's tied in directly with that story at all, but I think it's just a play off of that same idea. Did they do it? Well, time will tell. Now, in this next one, it's called she Came to Me. It's a brilliant musician who is trying to write a new opera, and he has writer's block. He has this strange relationship with his girlfriend, wife, whatever they are together. [00:22:52] It's a lot of comedy between the two of them, just the way that they interact. But like I said, he's got this writer's block, and he's just so stuck with that. He decides to kind of go out and just experience the world. And the thing is, everybody has an opera. Everybody has the highs and lows of their stories that can be turned into something. That's where he takes the inspiration from this and turns it into this story. How that plays out looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. It does look like it's going to be a cute date movie. So I think that one actually has some promise. This next one, it's called Carlos. It's basically a documentary of the life of Carlos Santana. If you've ever been a fan of his music, I'm sure you will love it. If you're not a fan of his music, maybe check it out. Maybe you will be. And if you're just playing out not a fan of his music, it's probably not one you're going to get a lot out of. There's not a whole lot to really say. If you're familiar with his life, you're going to be familiar with the movie. If not, it's informational, let's put it that way. But this next one is one. When I first saw the trailer for this, I sent it to my sister. And this was weeks ago. And I'm like, this cannot be a real movie. And it really is. This really is a real movie. It's called dix the musical. Now I'm not trying to get myself censored. That's really the title of this movie. And the whole thing is about male appendages and these two twin boys who are separated at birth. And they're scheming and stuff to try to get their parents back together. And they're in musical theater and they have a woman boss. And it's a bit patriarchal. And it's just over the top at its adult humor. And it's completely inappropriate and it's hilarious. [00:24:53] I would say check out the trailers. Definitely that's one. You you're don't going to want to look at the trailers before you decide if you're going to want to watch it or not. But it's up to you. [00:25:01] The title of the next one, I was really hoping it was going to go in a different direction. The title is called Saturn Bowling. And I'm thinking, okay, bowling in space. Bowling on Saturn. [00:25:14] Alien bowling. I'm like, my brain's just going all these different directions. Then I watch the trailers, I'm like, no, but the whole movie is in subtitles. It's this guy that owns he inherits a bowling alley. And there's a lot of murder and a lot of violence. And this is not one of those ones for people who are sensitive to anything happening to animals, you are going to run far the other way because this very graphic into some animal deaths and things like that that are just going to be more than a bit intense for some viewers. [00:25:48] Now our next one is called Warrior Strong. It's a basketball movie. The high school coach for this local team ends up having some health issues and can no longer coach his team. Well, this pro that's basically been this big pro for a long time has had some setbacks and his choice of redemption is all or none where he has to coach this high school team or just be done. And it just basically proves experience isn't everything because this pro guy doesn't want to go back to high school coaching at all. And the high school guy doesn't want to step aside. And it appears to have a little bit of comedy to it, but it definitely looks a lot more dramatic. Anybody who's ever been a fan of basketball, I'm sure will take something from this movie. Other than that, it's going to have a bit of a limited audience. [00:26:40] This next one, it's called before the Sunset. Again, another subtitled movie. But this Asian man succeeded in every way in life except his personal life. He had no family, no real friends or anything like that. But he had in his old age, he had one wish, and that was to be young again. And because of this one person that he has interactions with, he has that opportunity to have that wish granted under certain conditions. And this is that story, how that plays out. It looks really sweet, honestly. For a subtitled movie. This is actually one I'm going to try to check out. Our last title of the day is called Nowhere. Unfortunately, it's also subtitled, but this one, it has to do a lot with human smuggling and illegal immigration, different things. And this woman gets stuck in this shipping container. The shipping container goes overboard while sailing across the ocean. She's in the middle of this container. She's floating in the ocean. Like I said, she's pregnant. She has the baby in the container. And it's the thing of survival. And what she will do to survive? Does she survive? Does she get rescued? It's hard to tell with a story as such as this because sometimes they have happy endings, sometimes not. [00:28:00] It's again, another one of those stories. Going to have a limited audience, but it's kind of a wide variety of stuff that it covers. But guess what? That's all the movies coming out this weekend. I hope at least some of them caught your attention. Like I said, it's a wide gamut of movies that are coming out. Like I said, I hope at least something will appeal to you. If not, there's always next week. Ultimately, I hope you have a wonderful day, have a great weekend, and I will be back to talk to you soon. Bye.

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