Upcoming Movies (September 12th - 15th) (16 Movies)

September 14, 2023 00:27:11
Upcoming Movies (September 12th - 15th) (16 Movies)
Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies (September 12th - 15th) (16 Movies)

Sep 14 2023 | 00:27:11


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Here are the movies that are opening this week. Quite a variety from love stories and traditional stop motion animation... all the way to vampires and werewolves... seriously... LOL

The Pilot,

Little Jar,

After Everything,

A Haunting in Venice,

The Inventor,

Camp Hideout,

The Outlaw Johnny Black,


My Last Best Friend,



My Animal,

Love At First Sight,

El Conde,

A Million Miles Away,

Elevator Game,

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 <silence> Hello everybody and welcome back. Wow, what a week this has been. As I'm sure you have checked out our movie reviews that we have had this week. And of course we are continuing with our thirsty Thursday with the Saw movies today. So if you haven't already checked that out, be sure and go over to our movie reviews page and check that out. But of course, you are here for the one, the only upcoming movies episode as we talk about the movies that opened up this week, that from September 12th, September 13th, and of course September 15th. Wow. <laugh>, uh, the movies that we have had coming out this week are a real mixed bag. It's like we have a lot that actually have some promise to them for the first time in a while. And of course, I have got my favorite little mascot in here. Will, of course, all five of my babies are my mascots, but specifically my ero, he is just being very animated tonight. Speaker 0 00:01:07 And I, that's probably a good word, considering one of the movies that we're gonna be talking about or today do, do you, did you ever just wake up and literally forget which day of the week it was that has been today? For me, it's like, I literally, it's like, oh crap, it's Thursday. I, I don't know where this week went. It's just been one of those weeks and it's been one of those, oh, <laugh>. So of course I had to come on here and do this because I have promised to bring you these shows every Thursday. And as you've probably figured out by now, I don't over edit these. And if I flub or if I goof up, guess what? You get that too, because it's just me. Nothing is scripted. When I go through watching the trailers of the movies I'm about to talk to you about, I make little notes on them sometimes just one or two sentences. Speaker 0 00:01:52 And the rest of it is just stuff that just comes outta my brain as, oh, the brain talks to the mouth. The mouth somehow orates, whatever musings come to mind. And we just kind of go from there. So I do have a lot of fun in this. I always tell people I eat, sleep and breathe movies and I don't, I actually don't think that's much of an exaggeration. Just, I, I, I watch 'em all good, bad and otherwise, or another term I like to use is a-list, B-list and no list because I, I see a little bit of everything and it's honestly surprising how many of the No List movies have ended up on my Top 10 lists over the years. Now I've actually had some requests lately to find out like what my top 10 movies were on each of the years I've been doing Deputy. Speaker 0 00:02:40 And I'm gonna start breaking that apart. I'm gonna try to figure out how to work those into episodes or just do their own episodes. If you've got any feedback you'd wanna share on what you think I should include with those, but feel free to let me know hashtag Movie Deputy or just message me directly on movie deputy.com on the Contact us page or even just directly at Movie [email protected]. I am the only one that checks these messages. I actually recently had a message that was on Movie Deputy that was on one of the to contact me pages and I hadn't been on there, regrettably in Abyss. That had been a while. But I had a message telling me, or it was a, somebody that wrote to me saying that they just really kinda understood where I was coming from on one of the reviews that I had shared. Speaker 0 00:03:28 And they just kind of wanted me to know that and that I wasn't alone and my thought process, it was specifically on the God's Not Dead Review from July 12th. That is going back a ways. The message actually was a little bit older. So if you are listening to this episode, I, I won't give your name to protect your anonymity, but I just wanna let you know that I did see that and I did message back. So I do hope you got that reply from me. Yes, it really was from me 'cause I'm the only one who ever checks these messages and I do need to get better at checking the contact me messages on there 'cause I hadn't checked those in a while since I don't go to the website as often as I used to since we're doing all of this switchover. But like I said, this weekend is kind of quite a variety of movies and we are gonna be talking about a, an well a character, a name of a character when we get to talking a little bit more about one of these movies. Speaker 0 00:04:22 And I'm having to distract bat here so he doesn't pull my printer off the table. And I may be thinking, okay, what kind of a cat does that? Well, bat's not an ev average everyday cat and you've probably heard me refer to him as Airy as well. That's his nickname. But yeah, he is just being a little bit overly animated today. And so that's making this a little bit more fun. But I know I've been rambling here for five minutes already. And so I do wanna go ahead and talk about these movies. I'll be honest, I haven't counted them yet. I think there's uh, 15 or 16 movies coming out this weekend and some definitely some better than others. But bear with me. I do wanna try to bring all of these to you because you never know which one of these you might be interested in or interested in looking them up. Speaker 0 00:05:06 And other ones are a little bit harder to find, but the information is out there if you want to find it. So <laugh>, we're gonna jump right in with the ones coming out on September 12th. But tarot, stop it. Sorry. This episode is gonna be full of me wrangling my kitty cat because he is just, he just bit me. He's just misbehaving like crazy at the moment. Now he's slapping me. It's <laugh>. I really need to do more of these in video format because <laugh>, I swear some of his antics, people just would not believe if they did not see you with their own eyes. But getting back to September 12th, I do realize that a couple days ago and like people are brought up before, boy, these movies already came out. Yeah, but not everybody knows about 'em. So I'm getting to it <laugh>. But our first one is actually called The Pilot. Speaker 0 00:05:55 No, I have to say this trailer, these, this trailer. 'cause I could only find one trailer on the movie was intentionally I, okay, not intentionally. Incredibly hard to find. I don't know if it was intentional by the studio to make it more difficult or what the whole plan with that was. 'cause there's other movies called the Pilot out there, but it wasn't this movie. And so this one actually took some doing this entire one. Okay? If anybody's been listening to me for long, they know how I feel about subtitles. And this entire movie is in French with subtitles. It is a drone pilot who is getting ready to carry out a drone strike, but he has to choose to do the duty of what his command is or to save his family. His family's being held hostage. If he can do, if he goes through with his stone strike, the people are gonna kill his family. Speaker 0 00:06:46 So what's he gonna do? Who knows? But I mean, it's Hollywood. So how serious are, are they really gonna take a story like that or h weird? Now mind you, this isn't traditional Hollywood. It's not made by like a traditional big studio, but it's kind of all on that same line. So if you're into stories like that, you might like it. If not, we have another one coming out that date as well. It's, this one is a little bit weird, <laugh>. I just like to warn people of that ahead of time. It's called Little Jar. Now that seems like an incredibly simple title for a movie, but it's about a young woman and she is convinced that she's fine. She's, she's really fine. No, she, she, she's really fine. Now, <laugh>, that may seem weird, but she has to convince herself that she's fine by getting her friends to be convinced that she's fine. Speaker 0 00:07:36 She has, and the thing is, she really doesn't have any friends as per se. So she comes across, I don't know if it's a mouse figurine or if it's a dead mouse or I'm not sure. I don't think it's a dead mouse. I think it's like a little taxidermied mouse. But she dresses this mouse in different outfits and different adventures, and they have, she, she creates this story with this little mouse dressed up in character. But even this little mouse, even though it's not alive, like such little taxidermied, like little statuesque mouse that's furry. That's why I think it's like a taxidermy thing. Even this little mouse wants to leave her. And she's absolutely convinced that if this mouse leaves her, that her life is gonna be over because this mouse is her only friend. And so she has to stay convinced that she's fine. Speaker 0 00:08:23 No, she is, she's really fine. No, she's, she's really fine. So if you believe she's really fine, maybe, but like this, if you believe she's not fine, hmm, maybe you'll like this. I don't know. It's really unusual. It's, it's an independent film that goes in a different direction. I kinda like the fact that it's so off the wall, it almost is nonsensical. But at the same time, there's something interesting about it and intriguing. So I don't know how hard that one's gonna be to find, but I don't know. It's got my intrigue. Um, on the 13th, September 13th, we do only have one movie that came out. And this one <laugh> again, it's like, so some of these movies are a little weird, some are just cliche. This is one of the more cliche stories. The title is called After Everything. It's about a writer who is trying to finish a book he's working on and his publisher is like, okay, we've given you this huge advance, you need to get writing. Speaker 0 00:09:22 But he lost his muse. And so he'll chase, he chases her down and it's absolutely an all or nothing thing. It's like if he doesn't have her, he can't finish the book, but there wouldn't be a book without her and there can't be a book without her. And I don't know, it's almost like stalker esque, like, but they actually did have a relationship. They had a, I don't know, it seemed really complicated, but they were in love once upon a time and it kind of felt like it was one of those ones that was gonna kinda where she was gonna go back to him just 'cause of guilt or whatever. I don't know. It didn't let, didn't like lead to any of that in the trailer, but it just was one of those stories that just almost feels uncomfortable sometimes that can be in a good way, but this one just feels kind of creepy. Speaker 0 00:10:08 We're getting to the 15th now. This is when our big titles come out. If you follow Hollywood at all, you are familiar with the name Inspector Pro. My sister and I were just talking about this yesterday and <laugh>, she's like, I never know how to pronounce that. And so I went pro row and, and, and I even know that's not correct. It's Poot, it's Inspector Poirot and or Detective Poot <laugh>. It's just one of those names. Forgive me on that. But the story or the movie is called A Haunting in Venice. And if you saw Murder on Orient Express or Death on the Nile, you are familiar with these stories, those reviews I will have up this next week. If you are curious what movie Deputy thought about them, you'll have to wait and check out the scores on those reviews. 'cause I'm not gonna ruin that for you. Speaker 0 00:11:05 And of course, no spoilers. But in this one, Poirot <laugh> is brought in to help disprove a psychic. He has a way of getting to the bottom of stories that maybe is a little bit unconventional, but it does. So in a way it's, I I don't wanna use the term intriguing again, I use that word a lot, but it's just very, it draws you into the story and it makes you want to pay attention just so they're through the actions that he does and how the whole story plays out. There's so many detective stories and they are so overdone. But these ones, I don't know the, of the two movies we're gonna be talking about next week, one was a lot better than the other. Like I said, I won't ruin that for you, but I am am really interested to see how this goes. Speaker 0 00:11:55 'cause everything else that he has solved and worked on in the past has been solvable. But this one, he's dealing with a psychic. He's dealing with a haunting, he's dealing with ghosts. And this mystery may not have a reason. It may not be able to be solved. This is just one of those things. It's like, is this even too much for him? <laugh>, I guess we're gonna kind of have to wait and find out because I'm actually gonna be seeing this one tonight and I will be bringing that review to you <laugh>. So I'm actually excited about that. I'm hoping it will be better than, like I said, like the the other ones. And I'm not gonna say which one was which, but one was a disappointment and one was quite good. So I am hoping this is gonna be on the better end of the scale. Speaker 0 00:12:42 Our next movie, I had never even heard of it and I saw the trailers and I kept looking. I was like, are there more trailers? And it just really got my excitement. I kind of wanna get you excited for this as well because there's so often that stories like this are not done well. And this one really, oh, I'm really hoping it's done well. It looked like it was so cute. Uh, not cute, not cute, like cutesy kidy. Cute, but cute. Like where it's aimed at adults where probably it's aimed at like, I'd say 18 to 65 year olds or maybe even older. I mean, it's, and it's not that it's adult like don't get me wrong, it's not that it's not appropriate for children, but the storyline may be a little bit too advanced for some children. Uh, the storyline felt almost like box trolls only. Speaker 0 00:13:30 It wasn't a fantasy, but the story is actually called the Inventor. It's good old fashioned stop motion animation, which we haven't seen in a long time. Okay? We haven't seen it done well. And in this one it's about Leonardo da Vinci and how he dared to be different. He literally went from an absolute nobody who was thought to be absolutely insane to this pillar of history because so many things that he brought forth for us today. And people thought it's like, okay, why don't you just stick to drawing? But there's so much more to it than that. And this is his story carried out in Stop-motion animation form. So if you've ever been a fan of Da Vinci or any of his works, this is something you're gonna want to check out. Like I said, it just, even, even if you just wanna look up the trailer, it's like this one just, it had something special. Speaker 0 00:14:22 Our next one is, uh, <laugh>. It's called Camp Hideout. Honestly, the title is a lot of the story. It is a young Boy's last Chaster young teen. He's a juvenile delinquent. He's stole from a bunch of gangsters. It's basically a high story Meek summer camp and camp hide out, you know, he's hiding out obviously. But what happens with that? It kind of looks like it has a lot of the whole like campy type antics with a little bit of like the gangster mafia type involvement and how you work. Two of those stories intertwined. I'm not sure can they do it? Well, they did, but do they do it well? Who knows? That's kind of hard to tell our next one. Okay, I don't wanna disparage this movie in the least. It's called The Outlaw, Johnny Black. If you were a fan or if you've ever been a fan of the TV show, black Dynamite, you are going to love this 'cause it's done by the same producer. Speaker 0 00:15:26 It is a black outlaw. It's, it does have some really touching. You're gonna have to bear with me for a second here 'cause I'm trying to just pause and find the words. It's got a lot of really good quotes in it that have meaning to them. Like one is a life worth living is a life worth defending. And yeah, that's a really good quote, but a lot of the story is nonsense. There's like some kung fu and just some, okay, I felt like I was watching a black version of A Million Ways to Die in the West <laugh> that was like a movie back 2014. Seth McFarland just totally over the top goofy. That's kind of what this one felt like. <laugh>. I don't think it's like a remake or a retake off of that one. It's just that nonsensical in a lot of the stuff that's going on. Speaker 0 00:16:18 Yeah, so like I said, if you're a fan of Black Dynamite, you're gonna love it. If not, that might be one to skip. Now, our next one, <laugh>, of course, we can't get through an entire episode of upcoming movies without talking about the agenda driven movies. This isn't the only one I'm gonna be talking about like this today, but this one is the most over the top. It's called Canary. It's touched on this thing that back in the days of the mines, and even today, there's still mining going on, but they don't use canaries for it anymore. But they would take a canary into the coal mine. And if the canary died, you knew the air was too toxic and you needed to get outta there if you wanted to survive. Well, in this movie, a scientist is basically saying that we're the canaries and the earth. Speaker 0 00:17:02 The entire planet is the coal mine. And so he's going to impossible places on the planet that are too high for human survival to take core samples and try to prove things that are with science and the whole conspiracy of climate change. Well, guess what? The climate's always changing. The climate has always been changing. It always will change. We may have an impact, okay, this is my opinion, we may have an impact on small areas. I'm not saying that there's no such thing as small or that there's not an impact on a small scale, but to think that we impact the entire planet, it's just like, wow. So this one just kind of goes way over the top. And the, but the thing is, with the scientist that's doing this, he actually needs a heart transplant. So climbing up to these altitudes, basically, it's basically gonna kill him. Speaker 0 00:17:54 But he is determined not to give up and, but Terl, stop it. Got me again, little stinker. But like he said, he needs a new heart, but he's kind of finding his heart in the metaphorical sense, not in the physical sense of while he's doing this, because he really feels like this is an important task. If you are part of that mindset where you think that this is what we need to do to solve our planet, so we're not all canaries dying in the coal mine while we're living on planet Earth, then you'll like this movie. But if you have any common sense at all, <laugh>, and you know, if I offended you, you know where the off button is. If not <laugh>, this is what you get with me. It's just I, I'm just me. But yeah, you can imagine my thoughts of that one. Speaker 0 00:18:41 So if I get enough requests, I might review that one, but if not, that's gonna be one that I probably avoid. I do wanna add in, I have reviewed Al Gore's movies, regrettably, but <laugh>, as I've gotten bigger and realized, you know, I don't have to review everything that's out there, but I at least try to bring movies to your attention so that you know which ones are watchable and which ones are avoidable. <laugh>. The next movie that we're gonna talk about is, it's almost sad in a way, kind of, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense. It's called My Last Best Friend about a young man, or not really a young man. He's probably thirties, forties. He lives in the city, he loves the city, but he doesn't recognize it anymore. He almost doesn't recognize himself because my last best friend, he's referring to himself now, don't worry, that's not a spoiler even alluded to in the trailers, but this dude's extremely paranoid. Speaker 0 00:19:45 It's, it's almost like his spiral into this paranoia. So it has something to the story, but I was kind of left wondering what it was. Our next one is like, like I said, we can't get away from these woke movies. That's like, they, they have to insert 'em every single week. There's not much we can do about that. But it's called Cassandra entirely in, oh, not entirely in Spanish. Mostly in Spanish when there's a lot of subtitles, even words English. There's subtitles because it's such a strong accent and everything like that. But it is about an exotic, it's based on a true story. It's a gay pro wrestler, basically the Liberace of the, the professional wrestling world. Kinda like if Liberace and El Nacho Libre had a baby and they created this. So I, I don't know how accurate that comparison's actually gonna be just based off the trailers, but it just seemed unusual. Speaker 0 00:20:43 Our next one, this one actually looks, it looks like it has a lot of potential and that's if they don't go completely off the deep end with being woke with it. It's called lift. Just simple word, just one word lift. It is about, uh, a young man from the projects and he escaped the projects by becoming this incredible ballet dancer. He took his passion and his talent to new heights and it carried him to all these opportunities. But he has decided to go home where it all started and to inspire others to kind of follow that same path. If it manages to not go aw woke, it could be really incredible. So I've got my fingers crossed for that one. <laugh>, like I said, we're kind of in a lot of these movies that just go super woke and I apologize in advance. But this next one is called My Animal. Speaker 0 00:21:35 It is about a family of werewolves and one of them is a young lady, late teens, early twenties. She is trying to figure out where, how she's gonna fit in in life and if she's ever, if she's gonna be alone forever, if she's gonna find somebody. Turns out she's a lesbian <laugh>. And so she goes out and she finds somebody that accepts her for her and her whole inner monster that comes out and how you combine lesbians and werewolves. I honestly, it's not something I ever would've thought of before, but don't worry, that's not the strangest comparison that we are going to talk about tonight. <laugh>, or this morning, sorry, I just, like I said, I wouldn't, you wake up and you literally forget what day of the week it is. It doesn't help that you don't look at the time on the clocks either. Speaker 0 00:22:23 <laugh>, our next one is a love story. It's called Love at First Sight. The J f K airport is, it's not the busiest airport in the country by any means. The story is, it's an English, but it is narrated as well. So that kind of sounds weird. But these two people meet before they're getting ready to board a flight to London. And so they have these, this time together, the length of the flight. And when they get there, he gives her his number and he's like, call me. But she loses his number. And then the whole, the rest of the story is how they end up finding their way back to each other. It's a silly, sweet, predictable love story that if you are a fan of those types of sappy movies, you will surely enjoy it. If not <laugh>, who knows? Maybe you could surprise your girlfriend with it. Speaker 0 00:23:13 It looks it's, it would be a cute date movie. Now our next one, this is, this is the weird comparison movie that I'm talking about. It is called Elcon. I'm gonna totally cher this El Conde. I, I don't know what that translates to. I don't speak Spanish or so I'm just reading this. The whole thing is subtitled. It is about a mobster vampire. Now you heard me talk about the combination of lesbian werewolves, uh, combine a mobster and a vampire and imagine what you get. That is what you get with this story. There's not a whole lot else to share on that one. You notice some of these, I'm definitely sharing more than others 'cause some of these have a lot more to share than other ones do. But when you combine a vampire and a Mafiaa boss, it's like, okay, you've got Godfather meets Dracula. Speaker 0 00:24:03 I mean, come on, <laugh>. Like, seriously. But we've only got two more movies, believe it or not, to talk about. And we are going to be talk that our next one's actually based on a true story. It is called A Million Miles Away. It is about an impossible dream and the fact that it takes more than a dream. It's like this migrant farmer had dreamed from a young age to be an astronaut. And most people laughed at him. He applied to nasa, got turned down, applied to nasa, got turned down rejection letter after rejection letter after rejection letter. He refused to give up. He's like, okay, what do all these people have that I don't have? And then he kind of kept climbing to all these new heights and then he kept coming to NASA and he's like, you know, you can keep saying no to me, but I'm gonna keep coming back. Speaker 0 00:24:53 And eventually they gave him a chance. And guess what? He became an astronaut. And this is that story. It just, like I said, it's one of those ones, I really hope they don't go awoke with it 'cause it looks really sweet. It's just so inspirational. The fact that this is, the determination just comes through, at least in the trailer it did. So I hope those weren't the best parts of the movie. I hate when stories do that, but I'm really hopeful that this might, might have some, hmm, maybe something to surprise us. But our last movie that opens on the 15th, and again, I don't go through these in any particular order. I get the order off of Movie Insider's website and that's where I get of these list of movies. And then I look them up and share them with you. But of course, we couldn't get through our upcoming movies without talking at least one creepy movie. Speaker 0 00:25:43 And this one is called The Elevator Game, or, sorry, elevator Game. It's not the elevator game, it's just the term elevator game. The, it's about the legend of the fifth floor woman. Basically, if you've ever been into the whole Bloody Mary thing where you look in the mirror, say her name three times, you're gonna like this because it's an internet legend of this person that you ride an elevator and you push the buttons in order and you have to play it right, or you will either disappear or you will be hunted until you die. And the only way to survive it is to finish the game or suffer the consequences. It's like an elevator version of Jumanji without the animals. I know that sounds weird, but that was <laugh>. That's just the first thing that popped in my head. So that's what you get. But we made it, we made it through all the movies that are coming out this weekend. I hope at least some of these caught your attention. If you are having as much fun with this as I am, please like, subscribe, and share. Speaker 1 00:26:42 I, I know I'm having so much fun with this, so I hope you are too. But, and like I said, if, if I offended you, you know where the off switch is, <laugh>, if you like it, share it. Like I said, I love what I do and I hope that maybe at least one of these got your attention. So feel free to let me know. Of course, I will be back tomorrow with another movie review and I will be back next week every Thursday with our new upcoming movies. Until later, talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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