Upcoming Movies (September 18th - 23rd) (26 Movies)

September 21, 2023 00:27:36
Upcoming Movies (September 18th - 23rd) (26 Movies)
Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies (September 18th - 23rd) (26 Movies)

Sep 21 2023 | 00:27:36


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Past lives,


Swan Princess: Far Longer Than Forever,

The Jessica Cabin,

The Saint of Second Chances,


Dumb Money,

Expendables 4,

Story Ave,

I Can,

It Lives Inside,

Creation of the Gods: Kingdom of Storms,

Relax I'm From the Future,

The Origin of Evil,

Dark Asset,


Condition of Return,

Flora and Son,

My Sailor My Love,

The Sixth Reel,


Everybody Dies by the End,

Neither Confirm Nor Deny,

Spy Kids: Armageddon,

No One Will Save You,



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[00:00:00] Why, hello, everybody, and welcome back. We are upon another Thursday and boy, do I have a show for you today. Our upcoming movies episode that we're gonna be talking about today is going to be covering 26 movies. Well, 25 titles, but that'll make more sense here in a little bit. And we are just going to be covering a lot of these because there are so many movies, I have to kind of go through them, maybe not with as much detail as I typically do, but at the same time, I've been really struggling and trying to keep all of my programs less than 30 minutes. And with this one having 26 titles, I'm going to be struggling on that one a little bit. So without further ado, I'm going to be jumping right in on this one with one movie that opened up on September 18. This one is called Past Lives. [00:01:00] The word inyon it is in Korean. It means providence or fate. These childhood sweethearts, at a very young age, they go their separate ways and live their lives. 20 years later, they reconnect and they find themselves asking, what if and so what? The title kind of leads maybe your brain in a different direction. But this is just basically two sweethearts finding their way back to one another. It is in both English and subtitles. But the subtitles are almost an afterthought for the movie because that's not what it's focused on. And it looks like a really sweet story. That was the only one that opened on the 18th, so we're going to be jumping into the 19th. There were three movies on the 19th. The first one is a Swan Princess movie. I don't know if you've ever seen any of the Swan Princess movies. Honestly, I haven't. But this one is called Swan Princess. Far longer than forever. In this one, the princess's husband. So the prince, his long lost father, returns. And there's a lot of accusations that his father's kind of in lieu with the pirates. And it is up to the Swan Princess and her husband to find out the truth. And once they uncover it, it's going to kind of reveal a lot of things that people aren't exactly ready for. It's a very cute kids movie. The animation is I don't want to say to the level of subparb, it's not quite what you'd expect. But if you're a fan of the Swan Princess series, you will enjoy it. Our next one is called the Jessica Cabin. Now, I do want to say before I even jump into this one very far, this movie, probably the best way to put it, is Super Woke. It's a murder mystery, comedy, horror gay couple, has a relationship at a getaway, and the cabin is named Jessica. But the whole story of what happened to Jessica is how this plays out. But it's all based upon a very woke agenda. We have actually quite a few woke movies that are coming out this weekend that I'm going to be talking to you about. So just be prepared. But there's some good ones mixed in too, so don't give up on me quite yet. The third movie that opens on the 19th is called The Saint of Second Chances. It is about a family of baseball hustlers. This guy really struggled to be a good son with his dad, and he accidentally became a great dad because of it. Now, when you think of baseball hustlers, you probably think of gamblers. And that's not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the mascots and the games and the T shirt cannons and the hot dog cannons and all the kind of fun stuff, the free gifts and the giveaways. And it's all about the entertainment. And that's what this is about. It's about showing up. Redemption is truly a two way street. And if you have ever been a fan of baseball, this is going to be an important one. And actually there's going to be a really good baseball movie that I'm going to be talking about here in a few minutes. Like I said, if you've been fans of baseball, this is going to be a good week for you. Now we're up to the 22nd. On the 22nd, there's mainly two big titles to talk about. One is called dumb money. An absolutely nobody stock picker kind of came across a random stock, almost a nothing stock, a stock called GameStop. If you're not a gamer, that name probably means nothing to you. If you're a gamer, you know, it's actually a pretty great store to buy new and used games. But their stock, nobody thought anything of them. And then something happened and it just exploded. I mean, you had kids in their single digits and preteens making tens of thousands of dollars. And you had amateur stock investors pardon me, making millions. You had the stock people, the heads of these companies and the heads of this explosion losing their minds because they were literally losing billions of dollars. And this is a movie about that story. So if you were lucky enough to cash in on that, watch this movie. If you wish, you would have caught it, jumped in on that. Watch this movie. It looks like it at least could be interesting. I'm hoping that they don't go too far the other direction with it, but at least it looks exciting. Now the other big movie opening this weekend is called Expendables Four, or The Expendables Four, depending on where you're at and how it's being marketed. This one. It's old blood meets new blood. You see a lot of the same team, but we have a new team coming in. They're dealing with a bunch of terrorism. It's borderline world War II. And unlike some of the other Expendables movie, this one really feels like it's almost a grown up Goonies meets Mad Max. Now, if you could try to put that combination in your brain to even try to process it. You can at least try to understand that this is going to be fun. They're also working a bit of a love story into this one, which I'm not sure if it's the whole stories of the Expendables movies, but we'll see how it goes. Now, our next movie is interesting and that pause was intentional. It's called Story Avenue, or it's just Story. Ave is the title of the movie. It's about a bunch of kids who survive on the street by doing their street art. And it's all about what they do and kind of a little bit of the gang culture that kind of gets caught up with that. The fact that they're trying to have a feature one is a very respected young artist and there's like, oh, where are your galleries? And he's like, my gallery is the street. It's just kind of that whole story. There's a deeper meaning here, but you have to really look hard to find it. But it does exist. Now our next one is a movie called I Can. Now if you heard the baseball reference just a few minutes ago, this is the other baseball movie that I was talking about. And in this baseball movie, this young woman is defined by her disability. And her disability said that she couldn't do it, but she wouldn't accept that her parents see her disability as God's punishment for something that they did. This movie is very heavy on God, very heavy on belief, very almost maybe in your face a little bit with it. But that's not where the focus of this movie should be. The focus of this movie belongs with her. Whether or not the story stays true to that is another story. But again, if you are a person strong in your faith and you love baseball, this is another baseball one that you won't want to miss if you are less into the whole biblical things like that. There's a few movies this week that might not feel comfortable for you. But like I said, if you're a fan of baseball, this one is both of these movies, the Saint of Second Chances and this one called I Can are ones that you're going to want to check out. Our next one's kind of a bit of a horror movie. I'm sorry, that was just me popping my knuckle. It lives inside. [00:08:13] It's about dark. It's like Indian folklore, Indian culture, not like Native American Indians, but like people from India, indians that dark feelings are food for this creature and that you should never go to bed with dark feelings within you because this creature that exists will feed on them and then will feed on you. It ultimately is like attacking the sanity. It's a very demonic horror movie and bit intense, but whether or not it plays out well is yet to be seen. Now our next one is it's almost an uncomfortable one of sorts. The movie is called Creation of the Gods kingdom of Storms. The entire movie is in subtitles and if you don't know what I already think about subtitles, that's a whole other thing on itself. But I don't like them, just to kind of put it simply. But this movie is all of these Asian type warriors. They're in a wrath against heaven. The mortal world is in peril. It's a lot of folklore and it's all these different things happening and creating the storms and creating the weather for the planet based on how these warriors interact and fight with one another. [00:09:33] I'm not 100% sure the history of the folklore behind it as it doesn't really get into that, but it looks like it could really be interesting. But at the same time it also looks like it could be confusing. So I would really love your feedback on that. If you do go out and watch that one, you'll probably likely see it before I do, so feel free to reach out to me and let me know what you thought of that. [00:10:00] Honestly, that goes for any of these movies. It's like if I haven't got around to reviewing it yet and you see these and you want to tell me what you think and if it's okay if I share that, definitely feel free to send me that information. Or even if you don't want me to share it, it's like I would like to know just from my own personal things of what you thought of the movies. Now our next one is more than a little bit goofy. [00:10:22] The movie is titled Relax. I'm from the future. It's a time traveler that has gone traveled to the past to correct a wrong. Now, I'm not talking Quantum Leap type thing here, but this guy has traveled back in time trying to save the world. That pretense has been done so many times by movies and some have been hits and some have been misses. This one, it looks like it at least tries. From the trailers on this and some of the teasers, I don't have a lot of hope, but who knows, maybe it could surprise me. Our next one is called the Origin of Evil. This one is another subtitled movie, hence the sigh. But a long lost daughter seeks out her dad and they meet. The dad kind of wants to welcome her into the family, but there's a lot of secrets going on both in the daughter's life and in his life. A lot of loyalty and betrayal on both sides. Alliances soon form and it could threaten their relationship. [00:11:27] Basically it's a soap opera in a movie form. I don't know how else to really put that. That's just kind of my own thought on that. Our next one is titled Dark Asset. And again, please forgive me for going through these as quickly as I am, but there are so many to go through. And I'm trying to focus a little bit more on the stories that deserve a little bit more attention, at least from my perspective. But the story dark asset is this person, soldier type person is embedded with a microchip. They're literally capable of anything. And once that microchip is activated, they can't be stopped unless they're completely eliminated. So these people are kind of used with black sights and just kind of the worst of things that happen on both sides. I want to have a lot of hope. There was a movie a couple of years ago, and I'll probably talk about it over this weekend. When I'm talking about my other movies and watch stuff that I watch, I'll try to see if I can find it. But it was about a person implanted with a microchip similar to this, except that one really worked out well as a good movie. Could this one work out well? Very possibly. But the trailers, if it plays out like the trailer, I don't have a lot of hope for it. But if it plays out like the story hints to, it actually has some hope. The movie called Barber is next, and it has absolutely nothing to do with cutting hair. It's a private eye detective, and he's being asked to look into a case that nobody else wants to look at. He has the ability to look where no one else is looking and seeing what no one else sees. It's a very difficult man. It's a very difficult case. And how this just plays out at least looks intriguing. In our next story, the condition of sorry. Condition of return. There's no word the in front of it. It is about a church shooting, which I mean, that's a very targeted topic right off the bat. But the shooter is very convinced that the devil made her do it. It's the whole want need. It's like, okay, what was really the cause of this? It almost feels like it wants to go woke a little bit. It's also feeling like it wants to go religious. A bit of it almost like, what is that one? I'm trying to think of the name of it. [00:14:00] When you have the wounds of Christ and everything and so you believe stigmata. Stigmata. That's the one I'm trying to think of. So it doesn't quite feel to that level of like the whole God, devil made me do it type thing. But it feels like it's trying to hint at that. Now, our next one is a bit of a dramatic movie of sorts, and we're going to be talking about a few of those today too. But this one is called Flora and Son. Her son is a juvenile delinquent. She is at her absolutely wits end, and in hopes of trying to connect with him, she gets him a guitar. Well, he doesn't want anything to do with a guitar. He's like, when have I ever expressed interest in that. So that further drives a wedge between them. But she decides to take up the guitar and so she learns to start playing with that. She realizes that he's actually more into music than she realizes and the music brings them together. It's not going to be an easy relationship at all. It's not going to be an easy movie but the fact that it dares to delve into these stories without going completely off the deep end, at least that's what it appears gives me hope. So that's actually what I'm hoping to check out. Our next one is called My Sailor, My Love and of all of the trailers that I watched this week this one is probably the one I'm most looking forward to see. Trying not to set my hopes up too high as you've probably caught in the past couple of weeks of ones I was pretty excited for and just kind of fell off the cliff. But in My Sailor My Love it is an adult daughter caring for her aging dad. He's a very independent man and does not want the help even to the point of like bribing the caregiver just to get out of his face. But with time he develops a friendship with the caregiver and falls in love with her and then it creates a very awkward situation with the daughter. So it's a story about independence but it's a story about so much more than that relationships and just kind of how everything is all connected. It honestly dares to be a little bit uncomfortable which is kind of refreshing to see because a lot of stories don't dare to be uncomfortable without going woke and I think this one might almost accomplish that. Our next story. And I know I keep saying that. Forgive me, but like I said, we've just touched on so many movies tonight. But it's called the 6th real nephew has a dead uncle. And he gets some friends to kind of help him go through his uncle's stuff. And he thinks his uncle was this great collector, and it turns out his uncle was a hoarder to the point of the TV show hoarder. I mean literally. Maybe not to the gross aspect of that but just to the whole thing of collecting a little bit of everything or maybe a lot of bit of everything just to the point of just pointless stuff for whatever reason but there's a secret that they end up finding. And the thing is a film, the film called London After Midnight and how far you would go this movie. There's one whole group of people who are set to just absolutely destroy this so it never sees the light of day. And there's this other side of society that would literally pay anything to watch this. [00:17:34] It's the Holy grail of movies of sorts and so it becomes the fight of which side is going to win and who's going to get the film and how this is going to play out. [00:17:46] It starts out like it feels kind of like a comedy and it ends up much more as a drama that really looks interesting. Now, mind you, the characters in this are very woke in their appearance and in their lifestyles. But the story itself seems to have some merit. Will it be redeeming or not is the question. So I guess we'll have to find out. Now, our next one, I'm going to warn you again, is one of to say super woke, I don't think is an understatement. The movie is called Uncharitable and it is a movie about charities. It's basically a documentary that the charities are trying to find a world that works for everyone. Kind of the whole one world order thing. And yeah, don't even get me started on that. I can go down a whole thing. But they also focus on the fact that charities are businesses and that they have to be run as businesses to be successful. But then at the same time, if they're run like businesses to be successful, they're not actually successful at what they're trying to do. [00:18:52] It does seem like there's a message involved in this. But how they get to that by the whole thing of wanting the whole one world idea is kind of what's wrong with society to begin with. So trying to find charities that just are expanding, that idea is the beginning of the end. I'm not saying that charities are bad by any means. Charities do a lot of good, but there's other charities that just as much good as charities do. There's the bad side to them as well. And a lot of people don't necessarily think about that. But there's so much to it. It's like, does the end justify the means or yeah, like I said, it's just one of those ones. If you are very pro charity, you might like this movie. If you are more anti charity, then again, probably not. If you are somebody who has a lot of common sense, this is going to be a hard one to watch. Now, our next one is something I like to call a mockumentary. [00:19:58] It's called everybody dies in the end. [00:20:03] It's a documentary about the making of a movie and the whole thing is about authenticity. But like I said, it is a mockumentary. The movie that they are in the process of making, probably the way I could best describe it, would be a Stoner movie. So as you can imagine, that's going to have a limited audience. It does look like it tries to have a little bit of heart along the way as it's trying to approach it from this whole documentary style. The mock version, hence mockumentary. But how it plays out definitely seems to go a bit off the deep end. Our next one is kind of surprising. It's an actual historical film. Now this one's not a mock historical film. It's called? Neither confirm nor deny. So that's the title is neither confirm nor deny. And it is an actual thing in history of a Russian sub that sank and the Russians had no idea where it sank, but we did. And that history is a lot darker than we can imagine because we're going in and we're trying to recover this sub, but we're doing it in secret because we don't want the Russians to realize what we're doing and that we could do what they couldn't. There was no oversight over this and all of the secrecy and the lies, the espionage, and just kind of everything that goes along with that. And like I said, it sounds like it's the making of some really deep intrinsic movie. But it's history. It's actual history that played out and it's a lot of stuff that we weren't aware of. What side were we on, the right or were we in the wrong? It's like, is there a right or wrong in a situation such as this? Or is history sometimes a lot more than we want to give it credit for? I personally don't think any of history needs to be a bridge or anything. It should be taught as it happened. So I'm actually going to be really interested to see how this one plays out. [00:21:57] Our next one is called Spy Kids Armageddon. If you've ever been a fan of the Spy Kids movies, then this one will probably be a hit for you. Obviously, it's not the same team. It's not Junie and Carmen as they're all grown up. But on this it's you've got two young kids and they learn that their parents are spies. So they go in and kind of do this whole thing and they try to go rescue their parents and then they have to save the world because in this one, the video game has come to life. [00:22:31] Their parents that are spies, and they're trying to protect the armageddon code. The kids kind of help unknowingly unleash a computer virus and the computer virus meets the armageddon code and kind of releases the whole video game destruction on the planet. So obviously the kids are trying to fight against that. And it's a Spy Kids movie, so you know how it's going to end. But it does look like at least plays out cute. Now on the next one, it's actually our last movie that opens on the 22nd. But don't worry, we're not done yet. But in this one, it's called no one will save you. This one is a different type of home invasion. It says right in the trailer that there's 1.6 million home invasions a year. And so you think, okay, this woman's hearing a noise and she's hearing somebody breaking into her house. You're thinking, okay, it's a robber. But don't be so quick to assume that because I had that assumption. I had to watch a couple of different trailers. And then I went back through and watched them again just to make sure I was understanding what I was watching. This one is not about who invades her home. It's about what. And I'm not actually going to give any more than that away. Even the trailers kind of elude to the what the what is. So I don't want to give that away. I definitely advise if you kind of like those spooky type of creepy movies, then this is one that you'll at least want to check out the trailers for. Again. It is called no one will save you. And like I said, it's just a little creepy, a little spooky, just kind of a little bit all along that line. But normally we finish up with the whole day of big movies that open up. But there's a couple of other movies that are opening up on the 23rd and one of them is Paw Patrol, the Mighty Movie. Now if you've got young kids or grandkids nieces, nephews, Godchildren, anybody that's a young age, you've probably heard of Paw Patrol. Well, this one paw Patrol meets the Power Rangers. Not literally. Like the Power Rangers don't actually have anything to do with this movie, but the pups get magical powers because of a meteor. All the different pups based on their color, like the pink pup, the green pup, the blue pup, the red pup, et cetera. Each pup gets different powers based on their color and obviously has nothing to do with the color of the pups, but it's the color of the suits that they wear. So that's why I made the connection between the Paw Patrol meets Power Rangers and it looks cute. I mean, it's a Paw Patrol movie so it's going to be silly, it's going to be goofy and young kids are going to love it. Now when I mentioned at the beginning that we are going to be talking about a certain number of movies, that we're going to be talking about 26 movies, but 25 titles. This is where we're getting confusing. There is a title of a movie called Unidentified Movies. There's actually two movies that are opening on the 23rd with this title. [00:25:37] This is where it gets interesting. They're both about UFOs. [00:25:42] They're both almost documentary style mockumentary styles. One is the biblical search for truth that they're trying to explain away all of the unexplained by using the Bible and trying to find answers in the Bible to try to explain how they're not UFOs. And then the other movie is it's basically like they said, the whole mockumentary that in 1993 that UFOs were all above major cities. And 29 years later the filmmakers kind of go back and talk about all these UFO cults and the millennial psyche and it just becomes a very absurd comedy mockumentary type deal. On one sense you've got the biblical movie that goes in that direction and on the other sense you go into the whole UFO cults and off in that direction. But like I said, they both have the title Unidentified. So I mean, if that doesn't make it confusing so if you look up the movie Unidentified, you're maybe going to have to make sure you're researching so you're watching the right one if you're interested in one or the other of these movies. And yay, we made it through all of these movies and I stayed under the 30 minutes. Yes, I hope that at least some of these movies have caught your interest. I know there are a few that have caught mine. And of course I will be back Friday, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the new reviews for you. And of course, if you haven't already checked it out, our Thirsty Thursday Saw movie went live at the same time this one did this morning. So feel free to go over and check out our movie reviews page for all of that. So until next week, I will talk to you again with another episode of our upcoming movies. Bye.

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