Upcoming Movies (Unedited Mostly) - January 6th, 2022

Episode 12 January 06, 2022 00:21:29
Upcoming Movies (Unedited Mostly) - January 6th, 2022
Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies (Unedited Mostly) - January 6th, 2022

Jan 06 2022 | 00:21:29


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Hey everyone, happy new year... Wow, we're into 2022 and trying something new. I kinda like how these new unedited podcasts are taking shape. Will I switch to these? Dunno yet but for now they work. I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews on them, so be sure to let me know what you think.

We talked about 11 movies today and they're listed below... Enjoy


The Superdeep (Shudder Exclusive - VOD)


Four to Dinner


The 355

The Legend of La Llorona

The Commando

A Hero

The Kindred

See for Me

King Car

June Again

American Siege

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Speaker 1 00:00:07 Hello everybody. And welcome back to our upcoming movies, Thursday podcast on this chilly, but amazing Jen Thursday, January SIG. Now, if you had a chance to listen to Tuesday's episode, you will see that I had answered something that a lot of my listeners wanted to hear was a completely unedited episode. And this one I'm going to actually try to do this kind of the same thing, but not quite. I'm going to leave it mostly unedited. If I make like a total flub or whatever, or have just something I totally did not mean to say, or some interruption came out of the program, or even if I just have to stop and take a drink, that part will be in the show tonight, but everything else is going to be unedited. And I don't know why I said tonight, I'm good. This is released first thing in the morning, but I always record it the night before. Speaker 1 00:00:58 So it's actually right now, it is Wednesday, January 5th, but this program will be going live on Thursday, January 6th at 4:05 AM central standard time. If that's one of those, if this is your first time listening, hi, I'm the deputy of movie, deputy.com. And if you are coming back for a second time or third, or if in a few subscribed, I want to bake a big, thank you and say, thank you to all of my listeners, new, old, all alike. It's like the old phrase, make new friends, but keep the old one is silver, but the other gold, it was just a dumb something silly I learned in my childhood, but I've kind of always held true to it. But yeah, with the upcoming movies, we had just a few of them. Last week, we had seven that we talked about last week and this movie, this movie this week has a few more, we are going to be talking about 11 movies today. Speaker 1 00:01:55 Some of them look really, truly interesting and intriguing and other ones just kind of, eh, ma who's kind of in that range there, but I'm going to go ahead and jump in. And now we usually have a sound effect or some sort of a sound effect, and between the movies to kind of help differentiate where the end and I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to be doing on there since I'm going to be doing very little editing to this episode. I don't know if I want to add that in or not, or just come up with something else that I might be able to use in its place, but we'll just kind of have to play that by ear. But the first movie that we're going to talk about is opening on the fourth. So it actually opened up a couple days ago and it is called the super deep. Speaker 1 00:02:36 It is available exclusively on shutter video on demand. Shutter is kind of a streaming platform that you can get. And I know I have it on the Amazon fire stick, but I know it does a lot of other things like that, that you can get to Roku and I'm sure it's available on the game systems, et cetera, but this one is coming out exclusively to shutter. Now this talks about a research facility that is 12,000 meters underground. Now, factually there, that just, if you go 12,000 meters underground, you're going to the other side of the planet. I mean, for real, but there, but there is something in this research facility that is literally going to be the end of the human race. It doesn't go into a whole lot of details of what this is, but it looks like it's a really intense kind of challenging horror movie or at least suspenseful movie. Speaker 1 00:03:30 If nothing else it's looks like it almost goes in a scifi direction, but it's kind of hard to tell him that. But like I said, I don't personally have shutters, so I might wait until this one comes out on normal video on demand. But this one, if you are into those types of movies, this one might be intriguing. Now what to do in between. Maybe just pause and address it, but, okay, well let's do that. So on January 5th, which was yesterday, there's a Netflix movie, it's a Netflix original coming out called four to dinner. Now, I'm not sure if this is coming out on Netflix on this date, or if this is just a Netflix original movie, that's going to be available to other video on demand services. But this one's going to have a very limited audience. I addressed that that way because the entire movie isn't Spanish and there's no subtitles, or at least there wasn't on the trailer. Speaker 1 00:04:27 I'm sure in this day and age, people can turn on subtitles. If they have that, if they know how to operate that feature, um, their TV or their smart device or whatever, they're watching it on. But yeah, without that, unless you understand and speak fluent Spanish, Spanish getting tongue tied tonight. But unless you understand fluent Spanish, this one is just kind of be a little hard to understand. I didn't get a lot of the gist of it. It was somewhat looked to be some of it, a deep drama romance, and you've heard the term of love triangle. This one is a, from what I could understand, because I don't speak or understand really anything, but just really rudimentary Spanish, just, um, really all I know is no oblong Espanol grassy. I said just a few other things, but not enough to understand an entire movie in Spanish, but yeah, this is truly a love rectangle, or even like a love square. Speaker 1 00:05:29 Cause there's four points to this one instead of just three. So the direction that this goes in, it seems pretty predictable in the whole like romance drama thing. It, I almost got like the feel like Bridget Jones's diary type feel to it as I was watching the trailer play out, as I could not understand anything that was being said, but just kind of how the whole, the interactions and everything like that work, whether or not that's the way it is. I guess if you speak Spanish and you understand Spanish and you watch this one reach out to me and let me know, because I'd really like to know more. Now we're going to go to the movies that actually opened on January 7th, which is tomorrow. And this actually has one that I've actually been kind of looking forward to. It is the 3, 5, 5, or the 3 55, or however you want to pronounce that. Speaker 1 00:06:21 But the 3, 5, 5 was George Washington's first female spy. Nobody wanted her name to be found out. So she went purely by a number of the 3, 5, 5. And so that has kind of stayed kind of below the radar for a long time. And I don't know if these PE these agents have existed kind of through history. It's almost like maybe a female James Bond, except there's multiple females in this position. And just based on the field, I can tell that they're going to be aiming at the whole, um, female feminists, stuff like that a little bit in, maybe I'm hoping it's not going to be too heavy. It did have kind of an ocean's feel to it like the ocean's 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, et cetera. It just kind of had that feel as it was playing out. A lot of big names are in this one. I think it was really trying hard to be an original story, but it definitely took a few, 2, 3, 2 steps forward, three steps back in the process, just because, like I said, these types of stories have been done before, but the, the whole thing of addressing it from George Washington's first female spy, and then addressing that there's these female agents that are the top agents all around the world. Speaker 1 00:07:39 So I kind of liked that part of it. I'm actually going to be seeing this one tonight. So I will be excited to talk to you about it on Tuesday. The next one that we're going to talk about, I was actually a little bit confused until I watched the trailer because a movie with the exact same title came up just a couple of years ago, or was it last year? Sorry, just trying to refresh my brain on that one, but it is the legend of LA Yorona or LA Llorona. I'm not sure the pronunciation of that again, rudimentary Spanish. So my apologies, but in this movie, it's a family that's going on holiday, and they're about to learn the hard way about the curse of Lola Verona. They have at least one child with them that I can tell from the movie. And if you saw the curse of LA Llorona a couple years ago, or last year, the last one that came out, it almost seemed like it brought the story full circle and it tied into like the Annabel and the conjuring movies. Speaker 1 00:08:37 And it kind of just tied into all of those at the end. Whereas this one just kind of appears to go off on its own in a completely different direction. So if you're a fan of these types of movies, then this is one that you probably would want to check out. I don't know if they're going to tie it into the other wanders, just kind of stand on its own. But yeah, the other one, it's definitely not for the faint of heart and definitely not for the squeamish. It's more of a movie for at least attempts to be a movie of jump scares and more of the intensity stuff like that. But how that plays out is left to be seen. I'm not sure if this is going to be out on video, on demand, but I do know it's going to be a limited release. Speaker 1 00:09:18 So what I have more information, I will bring it to you. Our next one is called the commando. It's about a father's homecoming, a secret, a score to be settled with a debt owed. And that may seem really vague, but that's about all I really picked up on this one from the trailer. It was, he was in the military and basically he had trained for everything, but this situation, so no matter how much training he had, he had to kind of think on his feet and do something completely outside the box to try to rescue the one that he loves as most movies like this. You can kind of guess what the ending would be, just because these are a little bit predictable, sorry, hiccup on there. But yeah, so I don't really know a whole lot to expect on that one. I'm hoping it'll maybe be a little bit better than it looked. Speaker 1 00:10:15 Some of those are really surprising when it comes to that. So I'm just kind of hoping that that's going to be better than it looks again. It's going to be very limited release, so we'll have to wait and see when it comes out on video, our next movie is titled simply a hero. This is another indie movie and it is subtitled. I'm not sure of the language being spoken. I don't recognize enough of the foreign languages to be able to discern that. So my apologies, but in this one, the father of the I'm guessing he's the father of the family find something and he returns it to lost and found, or he does something with it because it's lost. And he found it. He tries to do the right thing by getting it back to its owner and by doing so he gets caught in the middle of something and ends up paying the price. Speaker 1 00:11:06 That was way more than what the value of the thing that he returned. So how that plays out. I don't know, like so many of these stories are just other stories, just redone. I can't, my brain was just blanking on some of the other titles that this one reminded me of when I was watching the trailers. But I'm sure by the time I get around to watching this, it'll kind of jog some of that back again. If you like indie movies and subtitles, you might like this one. If not, there's going to be a lot of other ones coming out. Speaker 1 00:11:40 This next one is a little bit darker. It is called the kindred. It is about a suicide and who all the ones left behind and whether or not what's going is a haunting, or if it's their imagination, or if it's something else, there is something of a connection between the ones that are living and the suicide. It's truly a living nightmare. And I, the creature or person or whatever that they're trying to run from is called sack head. I don't know if they're running out of ideas or trying to come up with the names for the bad guy or for the evil entity or whatever. But saccad really, when I heard that, it's like, I literally chuckled out loud because it was just one of those names. It's like, oh, come on. Were you even trying? But yeah, the next movie is coming out on the seventh is see for me now, this one truly looks like one of the most intriguing ones that's come out, coming out this week. Speaker 1 00:12:47 So I was sad to notice that it is one of the ones coming out in limited release. It's like, what do we really see a blind girl learns to navigate through the world by using an app? And there's this app that you download and if you're blind, it turns on the camera. So the person that you're talking to can connect and help you kind of see and navigate through the world around you. And the thing is there really is an app like that. I've heard of it before, but I'm not exactly. I don't remember the name of the actual app that actually exists, but there actually is something like this, but in this situation, she ends up getting caught in a thing where somebody breaks into her house. And so she's trying to use this app and the person that's talking to her through the app to try to get somewhere safe and escape. Speaker 1 00:13:36 And it ends up just kind of in a situation where they're right in front of the intruder. And basically the blind girl just tries to convince him that she can get the cops to go away because who's gonna, who's gonna like really believe a blind girl type thing or who, or who wouldn't believe a blind girl. I'm not sure what angle that's going on that, but it's being able to survive without sight in a, just an atypical horror movie synopsis situation of sorts. I almost said synopsis, but that's, wasn't the word I was looking for on that. But yeah, this one, like I said, truly looked intriguing and I'm going to be definitely looking to see if I can find this one. And if it's available on video on demand, and if it is, this is definitely going to be one I'm checking out this weekend. Speaker 1 00:14:27 Our next story is called king car. Now, when I first heard the title, I might, my brain instantly went to like the Christine movie, like the Stephen King movie, Christine on that. But what this ended up being is so much different. It is an indie film. And again, another film that is subtitled. And if you've lived in to many of my podcasts, you know, that the subtitle wander pretty low on my priority list. I appreciate if they're at least English dubbed, but the subtitles, it's just, it's difficult to follow the story, truly understand what what's being what's to truly understand what's going on on screen as well as taking time to read everything. So you're not missing into the dialogue, et cetera, et cetera. But in king car, it's kinda like the movie cars, but in a horror story, because the cars could talk to this person and he thinks he's going insane. Speaker 1 00:15:27 But this movie truly will take you on a ride that you won't forget and puts the whole idea of street justice in a whole new perspective. Like I said, it's, even though it's subtitled, this is I'm slightly intrigued. But then again, I years ago I was a gearhead. I was like, I love working. I, I grew up loving working on cars and stuff like that. But yeah, like I said, this one looks like it may be something, but who knows this next one looks so endearing. And I actually teared up during the trailer. It takes a lot to kind of get me that emotional when something is only just a minute or two, three minutes long at the max type deal, just that kind of a short little span of time. And when you can understand something so deep in a trailer that it just grabs a hold of your heart, it doesn't let go. Speaker 1 00:16:21 This is one that I was already searching for tonight, even though it doesn't come out until the seventh. So I can try to find what platforms it's going to be on. And unfortunately, I haven't found a lot of information yet, but it is titled June. Again, it is about a woman dealing with dementia or Alzheimer's, and she's desperate for her memory is and attempt to find herself or to find at least who she used to be. She escapes from the home that she's in, and it's all about living again and loving again and doing again and being able to just be herself. Again, she has these moments of lucidity that she'll recognize or remember things that are no longer that the way that they were and her family is trying to help her understand this and trying to help her and trying to appreciate these moments of lucidity and people don't realize how difficult of a situation this is to go through, unless they've gone through it. Speaker 1 00:17:21 I've been lucky. I haven't had to go through this a lot personally, myself, but I have friends and loved ones that have. And so just seeing it from this perspective, seeing it from like behind the eyes of the person, that's going through it, as they struggled to try to find anything from their past, that they can reconnect with to try to put the pieces together again, that just don't seem to fit. It's kind of like if you take a box of a bunch of different puzzles and you throw them all in one box and you just tried to grab pieces out and try to figure out where they fit, occasionally, you're going to get lucky and find a couple of pieces that connect together. But most of the time, the stuff just isn't going to make any sense. And that was about the best way I can think of to describe that. Speaker 1 00:18:02 But like I said, this is that journey and it looks like something special. I'm hoping at least the last movie that's opening on the seventh is called American siege. It's a story about what happened to Bridgette baker and Dr. Keats holds all the answers well, Dr. Keats is being held hostage. And until what happened to Bridget is found out the people that are holding Dr. Keats hostage are going to present him to the people that they expect to solve this thing piece by piece until that's all what's left of him, it's seems like really gray and kind of over the top a little bit. But at the same time, it's trying to address it about how important it is to fight for what matters. It kind of at least appears to get lost in a little bit of that. This is a Bruce Willis movie for fans of that, of his kind of dramas like those and how they play out. Speaker 1 00:19:03 But yeah, like I said, this is just one of those ones that seems overdone predictable. I would love to be surprised, but I guess I'll just have to find out. And I can't believe that was all 11 movies already. Most weeks we'd have like 20. Those were, I think one week where we had 23, all the use. If you liked what you heard tonight, and you want to hear more from movie deputy AKA me, or even some of the other people I have with me then definitely hit the like and subscribe buttons, because I would love to be able to keep you around because we have all sorts of bonus content on our movie, deputy channel. We have our movie recap episodes every Tuesday. And of course we have our upcoming movie chat, upcoming movie channel podcasts every Thursday. And I always look forward to talking to everybody about these movies. Speaker 1 00:19:58 I watched the trailers and just kind of go through all of this information. And I find a lot of hidden gems ones that I honestly never would've even heard of. There's very few ALA's titles coming out anymore, but I always say I watch all the alias B-list and no list at least to the best of my abilities, but it's been really busy lately. I've been actually starting on a new venture a little bit as well. And of course deputy's still my number one passion, but it's just kind of hard to find the time when I'm doing two things at once anymore. Not that I'm not that I'm ever going to really be truly distracted away from deputy, because like I said, she's my first passion and her way thing. I love it. It's just, I'm finding myself being more and more drawn to do these types of episodes more so than necessarily updating everything on the website. Speaker 1 00:20:46 But I really need to find time to divide my things out better so that I can update both. Cause I know there are still people that refer the 300 words and last no spoiler approach on the episodes or on the reviews on loopy deputy.com. But again, I thank you for coming and listening to this today and I hope you like and subscribe because I can't wait until we talk again. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please do. Please submit those. Um, the contact me page of movie, deputy.com or [email protected] and until Tuesday or any other special episode, I look forward to we'll talk to you soon.

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